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The curricula of study available to school students today need better understanding if the right choice is to be made. Here we’re considering – the IB, CIE and our national curriculum viz CBSE & ISC or state curriculum.

Comparing IBDP or A levels with the National curriculum would be rather difficult since both are very different and their value is based on the long-term path a student chooses in terms of career.

Since the National curriculum is mostly content driven it is suitable for Indian competitive examinations like Engineering and Medical programmes. On the other hand, while IBDP is a skill based curriculum and A levels is a combination of a content and skill based curriculum, these curricula prepare students for a Global University education.

The philosophy of the National and the International curriculum is also diverse where one is embedded in content and knowledge, while the other is student centred and puts emphasizes on creativity, analytical and critical thinking skills. The Noida International schools strictly abide by the international curriculum to make the students ready for opportunities available abroad.  Whereas in one the assessment is based on the knowledge and understanding of the content, in the other the assessment is based on criteria like communication, interpretation, inquiring, investigation, analysis.

The assessment process and pedagogy is based on the philosophy of the Board. Further, the pedagogy is moulded by the process and requirements of assessments. Hence the pedagogy in the National curriculum is more teacher driven, while the pedagogy in the International curriculum is more student led and Research & Project based.

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