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Why Genesis?

1) When did the School commence?

Genesis Global School started its journey in 2010.

2) What are the curriculums offered at Genesis?
Pre-Nursery, Nursery,KindergartenGGS programme with PYP experience
Grade 1 to Grade 5IB PYPCBSE
Grade 6 to Grade 10IB MYPCBSE
Grade 11 to Grade 12IB DPCBSE
3) What is the school’s current strength and how many students are Scholars-in-Residence?
DAY STUDENTS7655361301
4) What are the timings for various sections of School?
1DayPre-Nursery GradeSchool Hours–
9:00am to 12:15pm
(if not using transport)
Grade Nursery–KGSchool Hours–
7:45am to 2pm (if not using transport)
Grade 1–12School Hours–
7:45am to 3:15pm
2After School Programme
Grade 1–12School Hours–
7:45am to 5:30pm
35 Day ResidentialGrade 1 onwardsStudents stay in school from Monday to Friday
Weekend at home
47 Day ResidentialGrade 1 onwardsStudents stay in school through the entire week
5) What is the Student: Mentor ratio of a class?

Ratio is 25:1 (from grade 2 to grade 12) & 25:2 + 1 nanny (for grade Pre- Nursery to grade 1)

6) How can a Parent reach the Teacher?

SPTM’s are a great time to meet a students Class Teachers. Weekly reports sent by each Class Teacher also help Parents keep up with what’s happening in school.

For urgent matters- they can SMS or call the reception

For appointments, they can contact the teachers via SMS/ Emails.

7) Where can a Parent see the Central Dining Hall menu?

The School’s Central Dining Hall (CDH) menu is available on the Genesis Global School App.

8) My child is a bit of an introvert… how can the School help him/her to change that?

There is a difference between a shy and an introvert child. A shy child must not be pushed and forced against their wishes. They should be given more exposure to social events like birthday parties or playing in groups and gently urged to participate. A child’s shyness is not discussed in front of him/her in the School hours. We try to patiently cajole them to participate in various school events and behave in a confident manner ourselves so that children can imitate us. Games and role plays involving social skills are regularly practiced with them.

9) What security measures have you taken in the school?

The prime focus of our campus security is complete perimeter sanitisation. Strict control on entry is a key to safety and the school ensures that parents, vehicles, vendors and service providers – use separate manned gates. Round-the-Clock security of the campus is ensured through over 480 strategically located CCTV cameras monitored continuously by our security personnel.

The Transport facility currently includes 28 buses that are equipped with a Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) and on board cameras. This allows us to monitor speed, location and geo fencing of the route. This effectively ensures the safety and security of students on board.
Each bus is air-conditioned and is accompanied by a security guard on a rotational basis and a female care giver to pick and drop children safely from their designated bus stops. Parents/Guardians are expected to carry the Escort Card at all times during the pick-up and drop at any given point.

10) How does the School ensure the safety of its students in a coeducational environment, in the residence?

We took the decision to consciously be a co-educational school because we believe that students of all genders must understand each other as they grow up, as this will form the base of their future interactions with each other as well. However, while their residences are separate, they are encouraged to study, dine and play sport together. All activities whether academic, co-curricular or sporting are conducted under the supervision of teachers. Adult supervision is emphasised on the campus, at all times and is largely supported by strategically located surveillance cameras and guards.

11) What is your policy on Discipline and other matters?

For details of the Discipline policy and other policies of the School, please click here.Genesis School Policies in Noida, India | Genesis Global School |

12) Which body formulates and reviews School policy?

The Senior Management Team (SMT) of the School meets every week, where issues concerning the School are discussed and deliberated. To know more about the SMT, please click Our Senior Management Team | Genesis Global School |

13) Do you have career counselling in your school?

Career counselling & The University Placement Cell (UPC) ensure that our students are towards the best Universities in India and abroad. To know more, University Placement Counselling Cell in Noida | Genesis Global School |

14) How many excursions do you have in a year?

Students are constantly sent for Educational Day trips, Exchange Programmes, Round Square Conferences and MUNs as a part of the curriculum. No definite number however is decided for these excursions as we believe that it is variable to the requirements of the curriculum.

15) Are you participating in Inter school, National and International level competitions?

Yes, to view the results of all the different competitions Genesis has been participating in, please click here. Awards | Genesis Global School

16) Any other hidden charges other than the ones’ mentioned in the fee structures?

We believe in maintaining a transparent system and hence all communication related to financials are uploaded on the public domain for parents to take an informed decision. During the course of the year however, if there is an event or activity that we feel is beneficial for the students to participate in, parents are intimated via a circular and subsequent consent is taken prior to any charges being levied.

17) How much is the annual fee revision that a Parent needs to budget for?

As per the existing School policy, the Annual fee revision is 5-10%. This may change depending upon circumstances and government policies in the future.


1) How do I decide which curriculum is more suitable for my child?

Choosing a curriculum depends on the student’s aptitude, past performance, future career path and family circumstances, etc. For more details, we would encourage you to send an email to Head – International Baccalaureate at, with your queries.

2) Subjects offered in Grade 11 & 12?

Students have a choice of CBSE and the IBDP to choose from. To know the choices available in the current session, under each curriculum, click here (Senior Secondary School Admission in Noida, Delhi NCR | Genesis Global School)

3) Can my child do both CBSE and IB DP in Grade 11?

No, as the content of the two curricula is vast and different from each other in many ways, it is impossible for a student to appear for both the examinations simultaneously.

4) What are the languages taught in the school, other than Hindi and English?

Students have the option to choose from French, German, Spanish and Sanskrit. For further details , click here.

5) How do you take care of students who are weak in a particular subject?

Students are asked to stay back at times for remedial classes to provide them extra support, whenever required. A regular feedback regarding the homework and progress of students, keeps parents well-informed and ensures a closely monitored development programme for their children.

6) What were the 1st results of Grade 12?

The School has had a 100 % pass result with no compartments or failures in the last batches. For detailed results please click here (RESULT-2020-2021_-FINAL-UPLOAD-25aug.pdf (

Beyond Academics

1) What are the choices of sports and activities offered at Genesis?

Physical activity through sports and games is an essential ingredient of the Personality development of every scholar. We believe that academics, sports and co-curricular activities are compatible and complimentary in realising a child’s full potential. The Following sports, games and activities are offered:

Extreme PhysicalPhysical and Skill BasedGreater SkillMental
SwimmingBadmintonTable tennisYoga
GymnasticsHorse ridingFencing
Martial arts


SDG clubSTEAM clubGenX Studio
IT SocietyMathematics ClubRound Square Club
Enterprise ClubWorld Travel ClubEnvironment club
Dance- Indian and westernDrama/Theatre ClubVocals- Indian and western
Music ProductionPercussion ClubPiano/ Synthesizer Club
Guitar ClubCinematography ClubDesign
Culture CornerVisual ArtsPhotography Club
Design and technologyCulinary Arts’ Zaika’Mad for Art
Spanish ClubGerman ClubFrench Club
English Debate/Panel DiscussionHindi Club – LanguageHindi Club – Culture
Book clubOrators clubDebate Club
2) How many sports can my child do at a point in time?

Scholars at Genesis would have to choose out of the above listed Co-Curricular Activities and Sports, as per the Following policy:

GradeSports OfferedCompulsory SportsNumber of classes per week*By a day scholar*In After School Programme*By a 5 day residential student*By a 7 day residential student
ReceptionPSHESwimming2 classes2 NANANA
Nursery & KGPSHESwimming2 classes2 NANANA
Grade 1PSHE, Gymanstics, Football,Karate, TennisSwimming3 classes3 2NANA
Grade 2 to 5Any of the Above listed sportsSwimming3 classes32/41014
Grade 6 to 8Any of the Above listed sports4 classes42/41315
Grade 9 to 12Any of the Above listed sports2 classes42/41315

*Number of sports that can be opted for

Scholars Residences

1) What is the House Parent: Student ratio in the hostel?

House Parents will provide pastoral care to the Students who live on their floor, which is approximately 40.

2) What is the schedule of the students-in -residence during the week and on the weekend?

To view these schedules, please click here (Daily Routine & Schedule for Residence Students | Genesis Global School)
Daily Schedule for Residence Students

Waking Up Time5:30 AM
Morning Conditioning:6:00 AM
Milk6:45 AM
Morning Fall In7:25 AM
Afternoon- Remedial Classes3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Games3:45 PM – 5:20 PM
Evening Snacks5:20 PM – 5:30 PM
Prep6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Dinner8:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Night Milk9:10 PM
Lights Out10:00 PM
3) How many times can I meet and call my child in the Residences?

Weekly boarders are allowed to call their parent’s on every Thursday and 7 Day boarders can call on Wednesdays and Sundays. Parents can meet their children on the 2nd weekend of every month. Parents are advised not to visit school unannounced and should follow the protocol of sending an e-mail to the Head – Residences at, prior to arrival.

To know more, click here. (Best Boarding School in Noida, Delhi NCR | Best Residential School in India | Genesis Global School)


2) What is the school ranking?

Genesis is ranked No. 1 in Noida International Day cum Boarding school category

3) What is the minimum age criteria for availing boarding facility?

We start boarding facility from grade 3 onwards and the child should complete 7yr of age by March 31st for the upcoming April session

4) What other facilities does school offer to the student?

1. Fully air conditioned campus
2. 350 mbps internet connection, Wi-Fi campus. E-library, e-classrooms, computer labs, tablets
3. Career counselling grade 8 onwards
4. Olympic size pool 50m & separate pool for toddlers & beginners
5. 10000 sq ft Indoor Athletic Center with Gym
6. separate fields for hockey, cricket & football
7. dedicated Center for Performing Arts with 450 seater Auditorium
8. separate fields for hockey, cricket & football
9. 24/7 doctor & nurse available on campus
10. Tie- ups with Jaypee & Max hospital
11. 24/7 CCTV monitoring
10. GPS enables school busses

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