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Teaching Young Learners Creative Writing Skills

Why creative writing skills are important for our young learners? Find out all your answer, types of writing skills and how to improve student writing skills.

Making Learning Fun with Games

Remember the mischief and memories of Snakes and Ladders? Besides being a great bonding activity among family and friends, it was also a great way for children to learn early mathematics concepts like addition and counting. Today, gaming has evolved much beyond that with concepts such as STEM learning which aims to build self-confidence in children through experimentation. There are also many fun math games available in the market which are aimed at increasing the child’s intuitive math abilities.

 Unfolding Magic at Home via Science experiments

Young children are naturally inquisitive, curious about what is happening in the world around them, and tend to investigate how things work. Therefore, it is critical to promote scientific learning in early childhood as it would help them visualize how these concepts function in the real world and give them a sense that they can use their knowledge beyond just tests and homework assignments. And, the best way to achieve this is through scientific experiments.

Why Sustainable Development Goals

Education is no longer about learning within the four walls of a building. Rather, it’s a learning outside the classrooms--for life from life, with life. The technological advances in the last two years along with acceleration in learning catalysed by the pandemic have highlighted the importance of community building for a sustainable future with people-planet-profit as a primary goal.

The growing popularity of residential schools in India

The nuclear family structure in the growing urban middle-class of India is new-normal. But it has its drawbacks as most parents do not have enough time to devote to their children. Therefore, the demand for a residential school system has increased since the child is always under watch. Residential schools successfully instill in children habits of discipline, independence, and confidence.

Best schools in Noida

To say that a school is the foundational pillar of any child’s life journey would be an understatement. Schools are not just formal teaching institutions. A school is where a child learns the most valuable life lessons; high-quality education, about humanity, respecting nature, kindness, humility and the importance of brotherhood, camaraderie and equality, among others.

Genesis Wall Of Fame

Genesis swimmers proved yet again that hard work and dedication are the only routes to success. The wall of fame proudly displays 64 medals(18 Gold, 22 Silver and 24 Bronze) won by Genesians in Inter school swimming competition held at #StepbyStepSchool from 22nd to 24th August 2016.

A holistic vision of growth empowered by National Education Policy(NEP) 

Education is a dynamic process that alters the life of students by providing them with the knowledge, thinking skills and holistic growth to manage the demands of the current world. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 aims to reform the Indian education system to imbibe this dynamism. Today, the education system is at an inflection point. As it evolves to adopt the new NEP, it leaves behind ..


With the outbreak of COVID-19, the world came to a standstill last year. While the Indian Government initially resorted to a lockdown for preventing further spread of the disease, it lifted the restrictions later to minimise economic losses. The pandemic has proved to be an unscalable wall for the on-campus system of education. S


The prevailing pandemic has affected every sphere of life, and education is not an exception. After closing campuses during the first wave of COVID-19, schools opened up for a brief period of time before the second wave rendered it impossible to continue. However, education continues at an unabated pace; it has acquired a distinct ...

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