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Ways To Cope With Exam Stress In Top IB Schools In India

Effects of social media on students

Role Of Extensive Co-curricular Experiences In Making A Rounded Individual

Need & importance of value education

In today's fast-paced and competitive world, there is a growing recognition of the importance of value education in building strong character and cultivating positive values.

Importance of public speaking for students

Public speaking is a valuable skill that boosts communication, confidence, and creativity. Schools are now focusing on this skill for students, leading to a brighter future.

Why Learning Robotics is Critical for Students

Learning Robotics and its Benefits for the Future. Understand the use of Robotics in daily life and get hands-on experience with Robotics and its applications.

Self-Motivation for students: Unfolding the path to a successful life

Empowering students to reach their full potential through the development of self-motivation. Learn strategies for fostering personal motivation for positive impact.

Online Nursery School Admission in Delhi: A Window to a technologically Seamless Process

The online school admission system is an increasingly popular and reliable means of admission for educational institutions, providing a seamless experience for administrators and students.

Benefits of meditation for students

Can Meditation help to all age group including student! Yes, Meditation helps in reliving the stress, anxiety, depression or any kind of negativity. Practicing yoga daily improves your mental health.

CBSE Academic: A Popular & Inclusive Choice

CBSE Academic curriculum has been proven to be most successful in terms of producing brilliant mind across India and here at Genesis Global School we provide the best practice of CBSE board.

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