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A holistic vision of growth empowered by National Education Policy(NEP) 

Education is a dynamic process that alters the life of students by providing them with the knowledge, thinking skills and holistic growth to manage the demands of the current world. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 aims to reform the Indian education system to imbibe this dynamism. Today, the education system is at an inflection point. As it evolves to adopt the new NEP, it leaves behind ..


With the outbreak of COVID-19, the world came to a standstill last year. While the Indian Government initially resorted to a lockdown for preventing further spread of the disease, it lifted the restrictions later to minimise economic losses. The pandemic has proved to be an unscalable wall for the on-campus system of education. S


The prevailing pandemic has affected every sphere of life, and education is not an exception. After closing campuses during the first wave of COVID-19, schools opened up for a brief period of time before the second wave rendered it impossible to continue. However, education continues at an unabated pace; it has acquired a distinct ...

Curriculum vs Culture: What Is The Need Of The Hour | Genesis Global School

Curriculum or Culture - Parents ponder Making of a Global citizen Another bullying incident here, a racist incident there! Deficit of empathy, tolerance, or global and multi-cultural outlook?
Where are we - Genesis Global School

Where are we?

Over the last decades the world has been going through extremely fast changes impacting every sphere of our lives. We have been stopping from time to time to see what we have left behind, what we have lost and then we would continue our rush at even higher speed. All the things that we have been concerned with would end up being announced as global issues and all the leaders in all over the world would start looking for who and what are to be blamed for those…
How personality development is crucial in students life

Why is Personality Development Crucial to a Student’s Life

All parents dream of providing the finest education to their children. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that their children are enriched and exposed to the best that they can provide, which largely includes good quality education. However, we are sure you realize that personality development is also a crucial aspect of every child's life, along with education. A child’s personality not only determines future professional success but also his or her overall attitude towards life.
Importance of nutrition education in times of covid 19

The Significance of Nutrition Education in Times of COVID-19

The mass disruption caused due to the COVID-19 disease has alarmed countries across the globe. More than half of the total student population in the world is being kept away from attending schools.
Impact of technology in teaching

The Growing Impact of Technology in Teaching

There are challenges that educators face on a daily basis regarding the use of appropriate methodologies. A simple solution to overcome them is the use of technology in education.
Value education - A progressive step towards holistic learning

Value Education: A Progressive Step Towards Holistic Learning

Education is an essential aspect of every individual’s life. The saying, “Learning is a process that starts from a mother’s womb and ends in one’s tomb”, states the importance of education. While you may find every individual to be academically empowered, very few would also have value education. The significance of value education has increased over the years as it helps in developing a well-balanced personality.
How online classes are transforming education crisis

How Online Classes are Transforming Education Amidst Crisis

Primary education for a child is an important part of their foundation for future learning. School education empowers students with overall learning and knowledge. Till quite recently, the focus was only on academics, but now parents want their child to excel in co-curricular activities as well. You, as a parent, maybe tense about the situation today and how it will affect your child’s education.
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