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Junior School IB Primary Years Programme

IB Primary Years Programme
IB Primary Years Programme

The driving force behind the IB Primary Years Programme is a deeply held philosophy about the nature of International Education; to meet the diverse needs of students’ physical, social, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic and cultural needs. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) approaches learning and teaching through inquiry and play. The learning process is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant, while students delve into explorations driven by their innate curiosity whilst making connections to the world around them. Investigative learning is central to the programme and is a critical element in developing how students view their world both locally and globally. and creating lifelong learners. The process develops the student’s ability to consider and reflect upon the point of view of her/his peers, followed by establishing their points of view, to seek and sort knowledge and finally make connections and reflect on their learning, thus completing the entire investigative cycle.

The PYP also focuses on students developing key skills, which are essential in the 21st century. These skills focus on students developing strong communication, research, thinking and social skills. This method is experiential, allowing the students to arrive at an understanding through real-life experiences. Inquiries are carefully planned by teachers across levels to provide a complete and coherent curriculum that is of global significance and that also provides an awareness of the human condition. It creates sensitivity towards the diversity in our world and sustaining the resources of our planet to create a better and more peaceful world. All students from ages 3- 11 years are engaged in the Programme of Inquiry and various subjects are taken through the programme. Each of these trans-disciplinary subjects lead to deepening curiosity and helping students make connections with the real world.

These subjects are as follows: Click here for the IB PYP -POI 2023

  • Language (English and Hindi)
  • Mathematics
  • SST integrated through POI
  • Science (integrated through POI)
  • Arts – Music, Visual art, Drama and Dance
  • Personal, social and physical education
  • Technology as a tool for learning and teaching