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Admissions Admission Overview

Admission Overview

When you apply for admission at Genesis Global School, you open a world of opportunities for your child. We at Genesis Global School believe in a constant educational evolution and impart skills that truly matter.

Apply Online  for Admission : The Run-through

When you choose the admission application for a school, you go through a structured, simple, and systematic process to become a part of a community of lifelong learners and achievers. Following the online admission process, you and your child are welcomed to the GGS campus to meet a member of the school’s admission team, including the Principal/ Coordinator. This interaction aims to develop a three-way partnership between the school, children, and parents, who mutually determine the best way forward for the student.

Added to this, when you come for primary school admissions or boarding school admissions, you’ll get the opportunity of a comprehensive tour of our 30-acre residential campus, helping in your school admission journey. At Genesis Global School, you can enrol your child as a day or boarding student (we also provide the option of weekly boarding).

GGS is one of the best schools in Noida that has a cohesive curriculum where essential life skills are considered at par with the standard subjects, with a nuanced curriculum and skilled faculty to deliver it.

So, fill out the online admission form and get a global schooling experience at GGS. We are excited to meet you and your child and be a part of your success.

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