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Boarding Life

Boarding Life Residential Boarding School in Noida, Delhi NCR India

Residential Boarding School in Noida, Delhi NCR India

Genesis Global School has well-appointed residential facilities for students. Genesis offers two options a five-day boarding programme or a full seven-day residential programme. Parents and students need to recognise the value of residential life as our boarding students tend to achieve higher academic standing, participate in the arts and athletic programmes and fill leadership positions more often when compared to the day students. Residential life in the senior grades should be something that parents consider.

The boarding programme is overseen by the Head of Residences, and a group of dedicated house parents who tailor everything to the student’s needs. Together the residence staff plan regular activities and outings for the boarding students and provide support during evening study. All boarding students are required to participate in the After School Programme daily, as well as Service Programmes that are planned during specified weekends.

While the boarding students’ days are full, the athletic facilities, library, art rooms and outdoor spaces are made available for student use during unscheduled periods. The campus is secured by closed-circuit TV and a full roster of security personnel to ensure students are always safe.

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