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Beyond The Classroom

Performing Arts Visual and Performing Arts Programme

Visual and Performing Arts Programme

The Co-Curricular programme at Genesis Global School allows students to pursue passions and interests outside of the classroom while capitalizing on the abundance of research which indicates participation in co-curricular activities not only enhances academic performance but also improves mental, physical and post Grade 12 success and satisfaction. Co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings may be explored further within the website but include extensive athletic programmes, art programmes, service projects, international travel and clubs. By choosing to be involved in these programmes’ students can enrich their educational experience and explore a variety of interests outside the classroom.

The Arts Genesis offers a full spectrum of arts activities within the curriculum and during co-curricular hours. Genesis is fortunate to have a purpose-built performing arts facility housing a 350-seat theatre, green rooms, music rooms, dance studios and recording facilities. The arts programme is led by a Head of Performing Arts who coordinates music, dance, visual arts and drama enabling students to express their creativity in a range of ways including performances and exhibitions. .

Visual and Performing Arts Programme
Visual Art