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Why Genesis

Why Genesis From The Promoters Desk

From The Promoters Desk
From The Promoters Desk

Many years ago, late Mr. Gurdeep Singh Chadha, ex – Chairman of the WAVE Group set up MBCN, to make a difference in the lives of thousands of students, who had remained on the periphery of social acceptance. MBCN was established in July 1999 with a mission to educate and prepare special children to live within the community, having achieved three-fold self-dependence – physical, social and financial to the best of their ability.

As a long term, strategic institutional support mechanism, we then set up Genesis Global School in Noida in the year 2009.

Over the last few 12 years, GGS has gained the reputation of being a preferred destination for K – 12 educational needs of a student, which include a strong academic, sports & co-curricular plan. It has consistently and continuously been pushed to provide a holistic education to its students with International quality and benchmarks. A choice of National & International curriculums, 15+ Sports and different Admission plans to suit individual students.

This ethos of student centricity is the focal point of the vision of GGS. The student centric curriculum, focus on active learning and the use of technology for learning, has helped our students find admissions to courses of their choice all over the world.

The road ahead is full of challenges as we continuously evolve with time to consolidate our position through academic excellence, sports achievements and extra-curricular activities.

Genesis is not just a school, it is an ethos which defines the spirit of every GENESIAN.

Sanamdeep ChadhaTrustee-Promoter
Genesis Global School, Noida