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/ New Avenues in Careers

New Avenues in Careers

New Avenues in Careers

Genesis Global School is an International Day-cum-Boarding School in Noida. It offers Holistic Education to Students coming from diverse national and international backgrounds. It stands out in the crowd among numerous schools in Noida and has proved to be one of the best institutes for primary education in India.

Genesis motto “Promising Futures” is the guiding force for inculcating in Scholars the necessary vision for recognising careers which shall help them to adapt to the demands of the changing world. The world is progressing at a rapid pace in terms of technology.
Genesis offers C++ in XI and XII CBSE to get the students in appreciating programming. Genesis is a Microsoft Showcase School allowing students to participate in Microsoft events on the National and International Stage. Our scholars have already been selected to participate at the international level in computing skills.

Robotics at the School has inculcated the spirit of mechanised learning with Artificial Intelligence coming to the fore.

Design and Technology also taught in the School is inspiring creativity and ability to visualise, conceptualise and materialise products as per local and international requirements. The future belongs to this field.

Emphasis on Skill based learning like debating and MUNs is shaping the young minds to think and debate problems plaguing the nation and world.

Art and Theatre enables the young students to realise the possibilities of careers as professional artistes.

Emphasis on publications within the school, is helping in churning out young authors who are able to understand the intricacies involved in becoming authors and publishers in future.

Psychology subject is also laying the foundation for youngsters to delve into study of human mind and dealing mental Disorders.

Exposure through social service has ignited the young minds to look at opening up unique NGO’s to cater to social and economic problems. Boarding schools use socially unique and productive work as an academic paper for the social and altruistic development of students.  Enterprise subject has inculcated the spirit to envisage, plan and execute business strategies. They are young entrepreneurs who are CEO’s of small companies by taking loan from the school, running the enterprise, earning profits and returning the loan after two years with interest to the school.

Genesis is certainly on the right path to streamline scholars on the future path.

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