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Beyond The Classroom

Co-Curricular Design & Technology

Design & Technology

In this constantly evolving era of technology, we encourage our students to have a hands-on experience in exploring multiple materials, tools, machines and processes. These  experiences  will help our students to not only analyse, create and innovate but also build relationships between our past and present.

At GGS we not only provide the students with production skills but also help them understand, define and communicate their ideas through the medium of sketching, building mock ups & prototypes which are an essential components of any designing process.

Along with  problem solving skills, students are encouraged to develop creative and innovative strategies that create products which have a need-based function, this also opens new and exciting career options for the students. Soft skills such as communication and team work are also some additional benefits of this programme. Design and Technology helps the student in a variety of careers such as; Architecture, Engineering, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design etc.

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