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Academics Parent Child Programme

The GGS Parent-Child Programme is a Thrice-Per-Week programme for toddlers aged 24 to 30 months, along with a Parent or a Grandparent. This short-term programme is curated to help toddlers prepare for the ‘Pre-Schooler’ phase.

For many families, the pandemic has meant keeping their children at home and many babies who were born just before or during the COVID-19 pandemic may have stayed home keeping physical distancing, rather than starting early child care and education programmes. For these children and their parents, including caregivers who have the role of a parent, an early care and education programme will be a brand-new experience.

The GGS Parent-Child Programme is our attempt to help these little children by planning the transition, making strong connections, developing the basic skills and establishing new routines. With the right support, children can adjust to their new programme, make new friends, learn new things, and thrive.

Benefits of involving parents and families in early childhood programs-

The positive outcomes of engaged parents are powerful: increased support for children’s learning and personal development, empowered parents, and improved family well-being. Children see benefits like improved cognitive development and academic performance, better social-emotional development, and improved health, all of the most essential elements at this time, as we transition into the new ‘normal’.

Note: A minimum enrolment of ten families is needed to conduct the sessions.