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What kind of a set up GGS will be offering?Inclusive and integrated.Inclusive and integrated. However, for exclusive needs it will be determined on a case to case basis.
What kind of disabilities will be considered for admission?Special learning disabilities (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Mild – Moderate Autism, Aspergers, Social and Communication disorder, Borderline Intelligence to Dull Average, Developmental Delay and a child with Epilepsy. We also consider very categorically whether we are fully equipped to cater to the needs to each student applying.
To what level of disability will be considered?Mild to Moderate depending from student to student.
How will GGS identify what are the curriculum requirements of a student?Once the parent submits the external psycho-educational assessment report signed by an RCI certified professional, the child will be interacting with a member of Student Support Team, School Coordinator for Special Education and a Counsellor (if required). The areas of gap will be identified to see how GGS can best provide a high quality learning environment to that child.
Will there be a special educator?Yes, can be provided if needed.
What will be the teacher student ratio?1:8 (PYP)
2:9 (MYP)
What is the concept of a Shadow Teacher?Shadow Teacher is an additional educator in the school which is appointed especially for a particular student during school hours. Whenever there are major behavioural challenges and academic lags due to a particular disorder and the child requires interventional of all the time to manage his risky behaviour thus the shadow teachers are appointed. The shadow teacher remains throughout for all kind of support.
Who will employ the teacher?There is a structured protocol to employ and appoint the shadow teacher in school. The learning support coordinator along with head of the particular wings interview the candidate, take classroom demo and observation as how the shadow teacher supporting student. Lastly an interaction with the parent of the selected candidate. It is all done in partnership and total transparency is maintained with the parent. The cost of shadow teacher is borne by the parents.
Who will appoint?Parents have a key role in appointing the Shadow Teacher and the monthly payment will be borne by parents themselves. Official process will be decided by admin/HR.
Will there be facility for Occupational therapy?Yes, (need based) with an Occupational Therapist.
Will there be facility for speech therapy?Yes (need based) by a specialist.
What type of curriculum will be followed?The support services are available in the IB PYP curriculum. In MYP, IB curriculum is followed with modifications in the content as per the need of the student.Up till Grade 8, the curriculum will be customised as per the potential and ability of the student, however aligning will be based on the guidelines of CBSE. In the higher grades, the candidate will be required to follow an adapted curriculum.
What is the road map after 8th Grade?From MYP 1-5, support is provided based on level of support required. Till MYP 5, we aim to fade away the support so that a child is prepared enough to go for e- assessments independently.
We are also considering to look into provision of access arrangements for inclusion in DP.
As there will be continuous assessment, from Grade 8 we aim to make them as much independent as much possible, to do main streams subjects from Grade 9 so that they are well prepared to give their boards in Grade 10.
What other exemptions are there by the curriculum for Board Examination?In IB we provide modification and accommodation of curriculum and assessments.Apart from subject combinations, candidates get extra time, prompter and scribe services
How will Genesis support my child if he/she unable to give boards?Based on IB Standards of Access and Inclusion Policy modifications and exemptions are provided.As per regular assessments, once identified, school will help in facilitating for an open school exam. Teachers will prepare the student for open school syllabus. However, appearing for the Exam will be by the parent entirely and the school will provide guidance by connecting them to an NIOS resource person. Again, it will be handled on a case to case basis.