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/ Fostering Creativity and Critical Thinking: Genesis Global School’s Approach to Curriculum Design

Fostering Creativity and Critical Thinking: Genesis Global School’s Approach to Curriculum Design

Fostering Creativity and Critical Thinking: Genesis Global School's Approach to Curriculum Design

In the eternally sprouting landscape of today’s world, creativity is an invaluable asset. Creativity is a route through which new ideas are generated, explored, and assessed. It is indeed a very important skill for the students to grow, to achieve their goals and to attain the next levels of achievements in the emerging era of artificial intelligence. Another crucial skill which paves the way for their success is critical thinking. Creativity is more than an artistic expression; it’s the ability to think out of the box, to deal challenges with new perspectives, and to bond seemingly unrelated ideas. Critical thinking is focused and purposeful. The word “critical” stems from the Greek root kritikos, which means ‘the ability to discern or judge’. Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe. It includes the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking. Creativity and critical thinking are the complementary skills, hence fostering creativity and critical thinking in a classroom is a need for nurturing well-rounded and adaptable learners. At Genesis Global School, One of the best cbse boarding schools in delhi ncr, we prioritize the development of creativity and critical thinking skills, recognizing their importance in preparing students for success in a rapidly evolving world.

GGS is a hub for creating innovative thinkers and life-long learners. The curriculum at GGS is constructed to instil inquisitiveness and foster creativity in students by providing a conducive learning environment and access to world class infrastructural facilities in the form of innovation cell, robotics lab, language lab, social science lab, design and technology lab other than just science and computer labs. The curriculum includes a variety of skill subjects that require the students to use critical thinking skills. A collection of learner-centric, inquiry-based teaching methodologies is used to boost creativity and critical thinking skills among the students, which include activity-based learning, independent research work and interdisciplinary projects. Through hands-on activities, case studies, and real-world scenarios, students are trained to analyse complex problems, break them down into manageable parts, and apply logical reasoning to develop innovative solutions.

Genesis curriculum empowers students to learn science through hands-on experimentation. Creative thinking facilitated lesson plans provide children with opportunities to develop and practice higher-order thinking skills that foster a deeper understanding of STEM concepts. By encouraging curiosity and problem-solving skills, students gain practical knowledge while having fun. This approach enhances critical thinking and promotes a lifelong love for learning and discovery.

GGS students approach social science in a modern way which requires collecting, recording, comparing and interpreting data from primary and secondary resources. This strategy helps to develop the skills of a historian. Inquiry-based and art-based learning are effective frameworks which help them exploring the local history. Art-based learning allows the students to analyse the social aspects of artifacts, constructions and events. They express their knowledge and understanding in various multimodal and symbolic ways. They take initiatives, involve in the learning process and work in a collaborative environment that supports free thinking and exploration.

Mathematics classrooms in Genesis are designed in such a way so that students learn the concepts there with joy. Maths Teachers set up the classroom mood or environment in a manner where students are not afraid to try and make mistakes. They think independently, ask questions, solve problems on their own. Another way by which teachers spark creative thinking is by letting students to write their own maths problems. Students apply their higher order thinking skill here. They improve their logical thinking skill as well as communication skill while explaining their own creation to the entire class.

GGS students are not only proficient language users, but they also display creative and critical thinking through the language. This implies that the learners in GGS are creative in their production of ideas, and critically support their ideas with logical explanation, details and examples. Creative and critical thinking skills are not taught separately as an isolated entity but embedded in the subject matter and woven into the GGS curriculum.

Genesis Innovation Cell supports and encourages young talented minds by providing them a prerequisite platform for showcasing their talents, working together as teams and participate in various competitions.  It also serves to provide the students a platform to excel in their specialized area of interest. The school aims at keeping the students abreast with the advancement of technology and globalization.  Robotics lab at Genesis acts as vibrant ecosystem where theoretical concepts come to life through hands-on projects. This approach is not just assembling robot parts; it’s about nurturing a profound perception of STEM subjects and cultivating a mindset of innovation. The skill subjects offered in the curriculum include Coding Design Technology, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality focus on coding, software development, and cybersecurity, providing hands-on training and experience. The emphasis on relevant and applicable skills bridges the gap between classroom learning and practical application and increase their chances of securing rewarding career opportunities. Introduction of financial literacy as a skill subject in the curriculum will boost entrepreneurship awareness and entrepreneurial behaviours starting from middle school level.

Genesis provides immense opportunities to students in the field of Arts education, such as music, visual arts, and drama which leads to self-expression, imagination, and creativity. By integrating arts into the curriculum, GGS fosters creativity and critical thinking across different subject areas.

The flexible curriculum opens the door to the learners to ask meaningful questions, analyse sources and evaluate. It also involves connecting and applying the complex concepts learnt in the classroom with real life scenario which develops an innate understanding of the subject. Teachers in Genesis are not only subject experts but also very mindful intellectuals who constantly think of what could be done to encourage creative and critical thinking in their learners.

Various evaluation and assessment tools corresponding to defined learning outcomes requiring specific pedagogical strategies are used to measure students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These methods include:

  • Traditional assessments,
  • Performance assessments, such as presentations, projects, and debates
  • Specific assessments tools for the lab activities
  • Portfolio assessments, which collect evidence of students’ learning over time.

Genesis Global School, One of the Best CBSE Residential Schools, is a happy school made of happy learners, happy teachers, and happy members. The blissful minds nurture active learning and flourish contentment in every activity. It consists of individuals who embody traits such as collaboration, communication, understanding, empathy, motivation, engagement, curiosity, resilience, and empowerment. A creative learning environment encourages open questioning and exploration which fosters emotional growth by allowing children to inquire about the ‘why ‘behind ‘what’ they are learning. The positive and inclusive classroom culture encourages students to take risks, express their ideas, and learn from each other. Teachers create a safe space where students feel comfortable sharing diverse perspectives and experiment with new ideas. By prioritizing creativity and critical thinking in the curriculum, Genesis Global School shapes a generation of students who are imaginative, adaptable, and capable of making significant contributions to society.

Dr. Sujata Majumder

Department of Science

On 20-03-2024 0 212

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