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/ Need & importance of value education

Need & importance of value education

Modern India is in the midst of a revival of age-old traditions where value-based education or moral learning is making a comeback, in a big way. Therefore, every parent today strives to provide the best education for children that’s not just confined to books but leads to their holistic development. For them, both academics, as well as value education, is essential.

Through value education, we can develop strong character and values among children thereby enabling them to use their knowledge for the benefit of all. Therefore, schools and other educational institutions are realising the significance of value education and are making it an intrinsic part of their curriculums. The role of the schools in providing moral education or value-based education cannot be overstated.

In fact recently, the Karnataka government had a meeting of academics and other key stakeholders to discuss on how value education can be introduced and enhanced in the schools. The conversation revolved around activity-based moral education.

In the current scenario where life is fast paced and there is tough competition on every front, the importance of value education has emerged in a big way. Academicians and education experts are of the opinion that there is a need to train teachers in value education so they can impart this learning to the future generation in an impactful way.

Significance of value education

The value-based education teaches students how to face the outer world with the right attitude and principles and also develops the overall personality of the students.

Need and importance of value education

Historically, the Gurukul system of education was founded on moral values and teachings. Young children were introduced to values such as honesty, kindness, importance of telling truth, helping others and many such values here. India’s Panchatantra stories and related cartoons and animations are rooted in value education.

Value education creates a roadmap for the future life of young students which revolves around building ethical and moral values to have a more meaningful life besides ensuring that they have a strong character.

Typically, value education is imparted at three levels: spiritual, social & cultural. All of these values are interconnected as they align the students with themselves, others and their immediate ecosystem to lead to a more peaceful existence that looks at ‘the big picture’ rather than individual goals only.

Importance of value education in school

Carving a strong character and catalysing self-awareness: Through value education, the children choose to distinguish between right and wrong, take risks and handle challenges. It also encourages a sense of responsibility, positivity and eventually, a more mindful behaviour that springs from a sense of self-awareness.

Instilling humane values: Kindness, empathy, collaboration, compassion are some of the key values that are instilled among young learners when exposed to value education. These values are critical because they help the students to become responsible citizens and change makers who will not only decide their own future but of the community, nation & the planet for a harmonious future.

Social responsibility and a sense of well-being: When students are more aware of how their actions will impact others, they are more responsible in their actions and ensure that they have a collaborative mindset which is open to diversity and feedback. This not only leads to their overall growth but also leads to the development of their emotional and physical well-being.

Positive impact in school-life and classroom: Students exposed to value education tend to be more discipline- oriented and follow rules like cooperating with their classmates, respecting others and handling all situations with calmness among others.

Develops a positive view of life: Value education develops a positive view of life in the student’s mind.

These are some of the factors which highlight the importance of value education in schools among students.

We at Genesis Global School lay strong emphasis on value education and the faculty ensures that all students are cognitively and emotionally compliant.

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