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/ Why Problem-Solving Skills are Critical for Student

Why Problem-Solving Skills are Critical for Student

With the world around us changing so rapidly and with a constant focus on the importance of value education, students must learn the techniques of critical reasoning and problem solving. It’s a similar situation and challenge for adults and young learners as they need to develop these skills to negotiate the constantly evolving environment around them.

What are problem-solving skills?

By definition- the ability to find solutions to a problem by identifying an issue or a challenge, investigating the root cause of that problem, prioritizing it, and examining the best possible options to find and implement a resolution or multiple resolutions, constitute problem solving skills.

If we talk about the reason why problem-solving strategies or skills need to be taught to young learners, the first thing which comes to mind is that it helps students understand what is happening in their environment, identify what they would like to change, and then make problem-solving strategies to find a solution to create or generate the desired outcome. Problem solving strategies also provide a sound foundation for continuous improvement, communication, and learning. A wonderful way for ensuring that students are aware of the happenings of the world is the morning assembly where news and relevant trending topics are discussed.

Every student has his own set of talents and skills and learns at their own pace. Therefore, it is necessary to teach students to be determined and creative in their approach towards problem solving and challenges that come their way —whether at a global international school like GGS, at home, or later in professional life. It is also important to encourage problem solving at home for students to understand how to handle situations on a personal front as well.

Impact of problem-solving skills on students

  • It boosts the confidence level of children and also encourages reasoning and analytical abilities.
  • Enhances social skills.
  • Gives a leg up to innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Improves academic performance.
  • Opens doors to a more collaborative and flexible attitude where children learn to work as a ‘team’ and also as leaders when required.
  • Sparks curiosity, adaptability, agility, and willingness to constant learn

How parents encourage problem solving at home

  • Problem solving games like Memory games, blocks, mazes, puzzles, construction toys, and similar games not only encourage lateral skills but also help polish cognitive skills in children. They also help them imbibe skills like persistence, negotiation and communication skills, the ability to take risks and decisions, and catalyse creativity.
  • For younger children, simple tasks like tying or untying shoelaces, making up rules in a new game, Jenga, and treasure hunting with clues will have a beneficial impact on their thinking process.
  • Help children in identifying a problem and seeking possible solutions by asking them questions, seeking their opinions, and listening to them. This response will boost their confidence and self-esteem in a huge way.
  • Whether a success or failure, acknowledge and reward every effort made by the child to solve a problem.
  • Help the child understand that it’s perfectly normal to fail and that every downturn is an opportunity to improve.
  • Encourage children with their plans and help them with it.
  • Teach them the value of constant practice to keep their minds ticking and sparking innovative ideas.

We at Genesis Global School continue to help students to enhance their problem-solving abilities through several games and activities.

Visit our online admission form today to understand how you can be a part of Genesis Global School.

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