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/ Delhi-NCR Boarding schools offer comprehensive education for smart change makers of tomorrow

Delhi-NCR Boarding schools offer comprehensive education for smart change makers of tomorrow


The concept of boarding schools in India is rooted in inculcating lifelong values like hard work, discipline, time management, collaboration, and managing self and others besides getting an education that prepares students for their future careers. A Day boarding facility essentially means that the students stay back in the school for the day and return to their homes in the evening. The trend of boarding schools has manifested itself in India over the last decade and is quite popular with working parents who prefer to keep their children within the safety of a school premises.

The Delhi-NCR region is dotted with premium boarding schools that offer day boarding and full-time boarding facilities. There are a lot of options available related to Boarding school in Noida which provides state-of-the-art facilities aimed at the overall growth and development of the students. The boarding school in Noida enjoys an extra edge over others not only because of the lush and well-planned infrastructure of the city but also because of its proximity to the country’s capital New Delhi. Apart from Noida, there are other schools in the Delhi- NCR region including top boarding schools in Gurgaon that also offer day boarding facilities.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of day boarding schools. These days, most boarding schools offer top-end facilities like smart labs, AR VR and wi-fi-friendly classrooms, immersive and experiential learning and personality development training along with a special emphasis on safety and security. Besides these, some of the boarding schools also offer additional learning experiences like disaster management, health management, understanding human behavior and new-reality curriculums that are in tandem with best global practices. Here are some advantages of boarding schools for young learners:

  • Global Education with international curriculum:

    Many boarding schools in India including the boarding school in Noida offer an international curriculum that keeps the students updated with developments, concepts and learning systems across the world which further helps in their comprehensive development and also provides opportunities to interact with students from diverse backgrounds.

  • High Academic Standards:

    Such schools identify the strengths and weaknesses and then work upon them to ensure that the students develop to their highest potential. To facilitate this, boarding schools tend to have the best faculty with a good experience so that every student gets individual attention. There is also a strict discipline maintained on the campus to ensure that students do not go wayward or fall into bad habits.

  • Career Counselling & character building:

    Boarding schools are the building blocks of community living and working as a team. They not only encourage softer skills like collaboration, leadership abilities, flexibility, agility, adaptability and reasoning but also children learn to navigate unforeseen situations and challenges and develop a problem-solving attitude.

  • We at Genesis Global School provide well-appointed residential facilities for students. We offer two options a five-day boarding programme or a full seven-day residential programme. The boarding programme is overseen by the Head of Residences and a group of dedicated house parents who tailor everything to the student’s needs. Living hence in one of the best boarding schools in India helps students develop healthy self-respect and increased problem-solving abilities as well. Keeping this in mind, the curriculum is designed to go beyond academics as well. While academic achievement is valued and supported, our curriculum seeks to balance physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth with academics.

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