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/ The IB Teaching Style and its Benefits Decoded

The IB Teaching Style and its Benefits Decoded

IB teaching style & its benefits

Why is it so? What exactly does the IB board consist of as a curriculum? How many IB schools are in India? And is the IB board recognized in India? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered as parents ponder upon the choices of educational boards available. It is also essential to remember that the choice of board matters as much as the choice of school. It is capable of defining your child’s career and individuality.  

We, at Genesis Global School, offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) right through the youngest classes up to  K-12 graduation. The IB board in India is gaining popularity as its diploma is a significant credential for college applications worldwide. Also, it consists of a more practical approach to education than theory-based learning. 

We are witnessing an increasing preference towards the IB board in India.  

The IB Board curriculum in India challenges students to acquire content knowledge and equips them with much-needed skills for the future. The IB board in India understands that students need exposure to a global community to make them future-ready with appropriate skills and competencies.  

Let us look at the benefits of the IB teaching style: 

  • Practical Methodology 

A common problem seen among students is understanding and retaining what they are taught in school. The IB board in India focuses on concept-based learning practices where students are encouraged to be curious learners of concepts rather than receivers of information, which means asking them to memorize facts and figures without understanding the whole concept and reason behind the specific topic’s existence. The IB board is different from others because it encourages students of all age groups to think critically and challenge assumptions based on their acquired knowledge. 

  • Personality Development 

Today’s children will be our country’s future, while also being globally competent individuals. Thus, it is essential to ensure their holistic development. It cannot be achieved with a theory-based teaching ideology and textbook learning. The IB board in India helps students develop emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication while thinking out of the box and being adaptable to multiple environments. The IB board in India pushes students to become the best possible version of themselves by diving into their curiosities and not just limiting them to appear for examinations.  

  • Recognized Internationally 

Before knowing that IB is the right education board for your child, you must analyze the pros and cons of the IB board in India. The IB curriculum is recognized by colleges worldwide. The IB board is designed independently of governments and national systems and incorporates the best industry quality practices stemmed from in-depth research. Further, it also encourages students of all age groups to consider both local and global contexts that help develop multilingual qualities in students to help them understand diverse cultures.  

  • Develops Independent Thinkers 

The IB teaching style and curriculum are learner-centered and strive to help students develop into knowledgeable, principled, caring, open-minded thinkers by promoting self-research. Students drive their learning by collaborating to conduct an inquiry into real-life issues. It makes students independent of theory knowledge and makes them learn that one cannot think originally by restraining yourself to textbooks.  

Grant your Child the Academic Edge 

IB students and graduates tend to have a more proficient performance during higher studies as they are taught to fight their own battles and think critically. We, at Genesis Global School, also believe that students should be given the freedom to discover their own answers based on mindful thinking, and for the same, we enable the right guidance. IB board in India is changing the predominant approach of education to investigative learning and push the boundaries of students to dig deeper and find answers. Our school ensures that learning is an amalgamation of engaging, challenging, and significant techniques and practices – as a process. So, check out our IB programmes  today! 

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