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/ What does an International Boarding School Offer to Students?

What does an International Boarding School Offer to Students?

What international boarding schools offers to students

Today, with rigorous competition among students, the choice of school is a critical factor in giving your child the right launchpad. That is why parents make a great deal of effort to choose the right school. With numerous institutions worldwide, it becomes a challenging task to select one. However, an ideal IB school is one that combines modern facilities and home-like care in a community environment.  

International boarding schools across the world are opening up doors for students by offering excellent academic opportunities along with scholarships. If you’re still new to the concept of such a school and are wondering what an international boarding school is, then let us tell you in detail below.

An international boarding school is one that provides an international curriculum for students along with a holistic platform that offers a range of sports and curricular activities, all with the aim to develop them into future world leaders. They are often equipped with world-class facilities, infrastructure and resources, and encourage skills like thought-leadership and initiative from a young age itself. In this sense, international boarding schools are an excellent opportunity for your child in more than one way. 

As an international school, we, at Genesis Global School, are a part of a global community of schools. As a CIS ( Council of International Schools) member school, we commit ourselves to develop well-rounded individuals who can contribute to society through the skills and talent they possess.  

To help you understand better, let us tell you what an international boarding school in India should offer to the students:  

  • Offers a Global Community 

A boarding school provides a nurturing and inclusive community atmosphere to students that allows them to make lifelong friendships with children from across the globe. They provide an ideal environment for multicultural understanding, developing open-mindedness, and building a global network for future life. Besides all this, International boarding schools also ensure the comfort, health, and happiness of all students by offering a comfortable home-like environment after school hours to put them at ease.  

An extensive range of support networks and caring staff is present to take care of the children, including dedicated House Parents, on-campus medical provision, and onsite chefs. So, if you get your child enrolled in such a school, you do not need to worry about his safety and well-being.  

  • World-class Education 

Almost all international boarding schools offer top-class education to students combined with compulsory extra-curricular activities. Such a balanced approach promotes both academic growth and physical fitness and well-being of students. Also, the academic programmes at international boarding schools encourage and push students to perform better each day and motivate them to aim higher in life. The class size is also usually small, allowing each student to receive personal attention.  

  • Lasting Friendships 

For teenagers, friendships mean a lot. It helps them walk through difficult times with ease and peer support while they stay in an International boarding school away from home. They also get exposure to diverse cultures by befriending students from different places in international boarding schools. From sports, art, theatre and music, students can form lasting friendships while acquiring new skills. More parents are opting for a boarding school as it enables students to gain qualifications recognized internationally while learning how to build relationships with their peers during their critical formative years. 

International Boarding Schools: Way to Personal Growth 

Choosing international boarding schools for your child will provide them with an all-round experience of global value that is sure to take them a long way. We, at Genesis Global School, offer various affiliations to choose from– International Baccalaureate (IB), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).  

Our resident student has the option of being a 5-day boarder or a 7-day boarder according to their convenience. We have separate air-conditioned rooms for boys and girls with 24×7 security and comfort. The students are also supported by laundry and housekeeping services. While we provide one-to-one support to all children, we also recognize them as individuals within the boarding school community. We also endeavor to provide them with an unparalleled level of attention. So, take your time to explore various options and make the best decision for your child. 

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