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/ Primary School Sports Education: Need of the Hour

Primary School Sports Education: Need of the Hour

Sports education is need of the hour in primary school

The value of sports education was never more emphasized than it is now. Primary school sports and games are an integral aspect of overall child education and have begun to attain due significance. Participation in primary school sports and games is crucial, especially in a child’s growing years, to improve their physical, social, mental, and intellectual health. 

Having said that, most definitely, we should all also vouch for the fact that, among primary school students, sports education inculcates various soft skills such as leadership, cooperation, sharing teamwork, integrity, team spirit, empathy and many more. Realizing its significance, we at Genesis Global School have taken measures towards providing comprehensive PE & sports education within and beyond school hours.

Here, we have mentioned some of the benefits of introducing primary school sports games: 

  • Social Skills 

Participation in primary school sports games can help children develop social competencies that will benefit them throughout their lives. They learn to not only interact with their coaches and sports officials but also with other children of their age. Children learn teamwork skills, team management skills and relationship skills that can benefit them in education, their future careers and personal relationships. 

  • Self-Esteem 

Participation in sports and games will always have a positive impact on a child’s self-esteem. Children who take part in primary school sports and games earn support and motivation from coaches and friends, which helps them with building self-confidence. They also learn to trust and drive themselves to their strengths. Constructive criticism is also a big part of engagement in sports games, and young children learn to embrace and use these criticisms to their benefit. 

  • Academic Success 

Sports and games for primary school students act as a recreational activity for them. It helps reduce the pressure students usually feel in school due to assignment deadlines and exams. It thus enables them to study with a fresh mind and do well in academics. They can contribute to their studies, the same values of discipline and hard work gained from their sports activity. 

  • Determination 

Sports education teaches perseverance and endurance. A player learns how to work hard and maintain discipline while practicing any form of sport. Sports and games for primary school are essential to make students understand the value of determination and commitment towards a particular sport.  

  • Lifelong Health 

Participation in sports encourages fitness and wellbeing not only in adolescence but throughout a person’s lifespan. We let our students indulge in primary school sports and games such as swimming and golf that are extremely useful because the child can continue to play as an adult and benefit from the physical exercise. Also, children who participate in sports are more aware of healthy lifestyle choices. While participation in sports is an excellent way to encourage health and wellbeing, parents must promote healthy eating and be positive role models. 

  • Improves Mental Health 

The benefit of primary school sports and games to the mental health of a student is immense. Improved physical fitness and social activities lead to a stable emotional state. Physical exercise sets the tone for a healthy night’s sleep, while obesity is related to sleep apnea, induced by inactivity. In addition to adequate sleep, daily physical exercise often provides the time to engage in sports and to communicate with others.  

Sports Education: An Integral Part of the Curriculum 

Sports education is as essential as academics in school, hence, it is rightly said that “Things that we learn in the playground cannot be learned in a classroom.” We, at Genesis Global Boarding School, lay a strong emphasis on children’s sports & physical development. We offer a wide variety of sports including cricket, fencing, soccer, basketball, swimming and more. We believe in mass participation, and our sports programme is structured and developed to build and enhance skills such as strength, pace, stamina, agility, power and balance. So, while choosing the right school for your child, make sure you check for the variety of sports and co-curricular activities offered. 

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