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/ How Online Classes are Transforming Education Amidst Crisis

How Online Classes are Transforming Education Amidst Crisis

How online classes are transforming education crisis

“Knowledge is like a weapon. I intend to be formidably informed.”- Terry Goodkind 

Primary education for a child is an important part of their foundation for future learning. School education empowers students with overall learning and knowledge. Till quite recently, the focus was only on academics, but now parents want their child to excel in co-curricular activities as well. You, as a parent, maybe tense about the situation today and how it will affect your child’s education. 

Times have rapidly and drastically changed as we are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially the school learning approach. Before the pandemic, it was a common sight to see students in school buses early in the mornings. But with the lockdown demanding social distancing, the way education is imparted changed its course with the introduction of online classes. 

With online school classes at home, students are facing a drastic change in their schedule. Previously, children would spend most of the day at school. Now, the tables have turned, and online classes have become popular. We, at Genesis Global School in Noida, are trying to make each student comfortable with the new “normal”, with online lessons, until things change. 

Here are some ways in which online classes are transforming education for children: 

Impact of TechnologyThe recent changes have considerably increased the importance of technology. With efficient video calling applications, schools are now conducting online lessons successfully. Hence, students can continue their syllabus at home as scheduled. Online school courses are easily accessible to students. While a possible halt in education was a huge concern for parents, students learning through online classes is the best possible solution, even though it cannot replace regular classrooms. 

Further, there are an increasing number of AI-driven learning platforms that are helping schools impart education. These platforms, with their easy accessibility, help many students to get the required training. 

  • Online Classrooms 

When the pandemic hit, many schools were unsure about how online classes would work. They believed that it would be chaotic and create a lot of confusion. With time, the slow and steady transition from traditional classroom teaching to online classrooms has become successful. Many teachers from different schools believe that online teaching has turned out to be productive. Students can learn the necessary skills and knowledge at home through videos and online platforms. 

With online classes, students can share their knowledge with their peers. Some teachers also believe that online classes have come to help the slightly introverted students. While they shied away from previously answering in the classes, they are now stepping up and participating more. 

Another unusual aspect of online classes for school students, according to teachers, is real-time feedback. The video calling application helps teachers in assessing students simultaneously. Hence, they do not have to wait for submissions. Also, teachers can correct them side by side, thus saving more time. It also allows teachers to communicate and support the weaker students.  

  • Beyond Academics 

Previously, as students spent most of their time at school, they get much less time at home. With the lockdown, children can stay at home and connect with their parents as well. While the online classes take care of the academics, students are getting moral education at home. For instance, whenever they see their parents cleaning, they try to help them with household chores. In this manner, they are learning the values of responsibility and independence. Alongside this, parents also try to engage children with exciting activities at home.  

As a whole, the experience of getting online education is proving to be beneficial for both parents and their children. 

Online Classes: The New Normal 

Before the pandemic, technology in school was put into use only when teachers required an extra helping hand for a better understanding. Now, online classes have become a part of daily life. With the inception of an online teaching system, schools are still running, different in many ways and identical in others. We, at Genesis Global School, are making our best effort to ensure that students have a good learning experience and do not fall behind in their curriculum. Until it is safe to step out of homes, online classes will continue to work as a blessing in disguise. 

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