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/ Best IB Schools in Delhi-PYP Early Years at Genesis Global School and the Importance of Play

Best IB Schools in Delhi-PYP Early Years at Genesis Global School and the Importance of Play

Importance of Play in IB-PYP Early Years

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (Best IB Schools in Delhi), is a holistic programme, child centric in nature, where the early learners are actively engaged and take ownership of their learning. Play is the essence of childhood and comes intuitively to children and research has it that optimal learning happens in a child when he/she is young, because it is then that the brain is programmed to benefit from all learning experiences.

Therefore, IB treats “Play” as a key factor in fostering learning in children. Rather than treating it as entertainment, IB uses it as an instrument which helps mentors to strategize, teach, assess and plan for the young learners. IB recognizes that 3-5 year olds are imaginative, resourceful and perceptive individuals who need stimulating experiences to make sense of the world around them. Play provides such experiences for them. It encourages the early learners to develop social, cognitive, psychomotor, language and critical thinking, skills. It also provides an emotional scaffolding. Through play, children learn to express themselves, regulate their thoughts and form an understanding of the world they live in. They create games, role plays and other engagements while playing and draw on these experiences and learnings to handle situations and solve problems in later life.

We facilitate these learning experiences by bringing “Play” right into the classrooms. We plans situations, provocations, classroom settings, resources and materials, which result in responses leading to immense learning of various types. The teachers play a key role as they observe children at play and carefully document their interests, styles, needs and patterns. In addition they assess learner’s strengths and areas which need to be worked upon.  Based on these observations they plan further learning experiences within the curriculum to enrich and optimize learning.

Learning through “Play” lays a strong foundation for all future learning and development. Play is emerging to be a hugely significant instrument in the learning- teaching world at Genesis Global School.


Alka Sarkar

Head Pre-Primary

Genesis Global School

On 25-01-2018 0 3655

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