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/ All Work, All Play – An Emphasis on Sports & Physical Education

All Work, All Play – An Emphasis on Sports & Physical Education

An Emphasis on Sports & Physical Education

Sports is a way of life that every scholar at Genesis Global School is encouraged to embrace. In today’s world, where academics have become extremely competitive and often the first parameter of education, schools need to carefully put the phrase ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ into perspective and bring the importance of sports into prominence. This is where Genesis, as the top school in Noida, excels and delivers.

Our sports curriculum is meticulously tailored to bring out the qualities of leadership, fitness, teamwork, coordination, dedication, discipline, confidence, and self-esteem in our scholars. We believe that sports and the playing field are great mentors and tutors to children when it comes to developing life skills, and serve to bring out their talent where it could be honed and lauded. This is where our excellent coaches and sporting infrastructure comes into picture.

The campus houses 21 world class sports facilities that have been architected by reputed international firms. Scholars can access a fully air- conditioned 1,10,000 sq. ft. multi sports indoor hall, an Olympic-size 50m swimming pool with a separate toddler’s pool, three sports fields including a football ground, tennis, badminton, basketball and squash courts, a shooting range and a horse-riding arena. Such an extraordinary range of sports and games is segregated into extremely physical, physical and skills, greater skill, and mental categories so that every child can identify and participate in at least one of his or her liking.

Given the availability of such infrastructure, it is only natural that the school has an integrated sports policy in its curriculum that seeks to churn out skilled sportsperson.
Pre-Primary Learners are introduced to the basic activities of running, swimming, and gymnastics which are undertaken in a WINGS programme seeking to improve their motor and coordination skills. Older scholars are urged to excel in a sport of their choice, and are mentored adequately via highly-experienced professionals.

Genesis is perhaps the only day school in Noida with a unique Rubrics assessment system as part of its curriculum which helps in evaluating scholars in their sporting skills. Regular competitions, inter-house and inter-school meets, and international training camps provide the scholars with a platform to succeed in sportsand achieve gratification in the crowning of their talent.

A day when one of the Genesians goes on to make sporting history for the nation is not far away. This is the dream that is being nurtured in the sports arena of the school, and in the eyes of its scholars.

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