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/ Excellence beyond Academics: A Push towards the Extra-Curricular

Excellence beyond Academics: A Push towards the Extra-Curricular

A Push towards the Extra-Curricular Activities

How do we create a global citizen of the future out of a student? At Genesis Global School, one of the best schools in India, we have found the answer, and it goes beyond simply excelling in academics. An educational institution is not just about the pursuit of knowledge and good grades, but the development of expressive thought, creative freedom, and a robust personality. For this, a student needs to be multi-faceted. This is where extra-curricular activities play a key role in shaping the mind, talent and attitude of a child.

Our focus on art, literature, music, sports, and performing arts provides scholars with an opportunity to explore and excel beyond what is specified in the curriculum. Not only that, it helps build a confident and smart character in the children, and provides them with the necessary platform to seek their interests.

Leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial skills are prized very highly in today’s competitive environment, and our ample extra-curricular activities ensure that every child gets to develop these extraordinary characteristics, along with confidence and a forward-thinking attitude.

Many key areas which are focused by our extra-curricular activities include design technology, astronomy, robotics, creative writing, art education, and public speaking. There is also Landmark, a cultural event hosted by the school regularly to allow students from not only India, but the entire world participate in a fruitful cultural exchange.

Design technology encourages our scholars to experiment with tools, machines and materials in order to develop basic mechanical skills. Product building and scientific sketching are just two of the activities that fall under design technology. This extra-curricular activity shapes scholars who have a keen future interest in pursuing the fields of engineering, architecture, and design.

Robotics is another field that generates a lot of curiosity amongst kids. We offer a host of sophisticated robotics programmes which develop a kid’s interest into exceptional skill, and allows them to participate in various esteemed competitions like World Robot Olympiads. Astronomy is also an area we focus on, with regular trips for students and a dedicated club for knowledge sharing.

When it comes to art, Genesis Global School, one of the best boarding schools in India, provides a holistic learning environment for painting, sculpture, music, theatre, etc. An artist camp is also organized regularly where students get to not only exhibit their works, but interact with renowned artists from all over India. Creative writing is another area of focus where students are allowed to express their imagination and come up with storytelling masterpieces of their own.

Last, but not the least, the Model United Nations provides students with a wonderful platform to learn, talk and debate about international issues, thus allowing them to develop high level critical thinking, political awareness, communication, and problem-solving skills.

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