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Beyond The Classroom

Performing Arts Visual Art

Visual Art

Art education refers to learning, instruction and programming based upon the visual and tangible arts. Art education includes performing arts like dance, music, theatre, and visual arts like drawing, painting, sculpture, and design works.
Art Education is developed as an important curriculum feature:-

  • To enable the child to explore, clarify and express ideas, feelings and experiences through a range of activities.
  • To provide for aesthetic experiences and to develop aesthetic awareness in the Visual arts, in music, in drama, in dance and in literature.
  • To develop the child’s awareness, sensitivity and enjoyment of visual, aural, tactile and spatial qualities in the environment.
  • To enable the child to develop natural abilities and potential, to acquire techniques and to practise the skills necessary for creative expression and for joyful participation in different art forms and encourage individuality and enterprise.
  • To nurture a sense of excellence and appreciation of the Arts in local, regional, national and global contexts, both in the past and present.
  • To nurture an understanding of the critical appreciation of Arts for personal fulfilment and enjoyment

Visual Arts

The Visual arts curriculum is structured to provide a broad-based and balanced programme for each of the four levels in Junior School. Each level has eight strands, which are organised to ensure a balance between making art and observing art, responding to art and transforming to art in the Middle School.

  • Clay
  • Construction
  • Digital Art
  • Drawing
  • Fabric and Fibre
  • Paint and Colour
  • Performance and Ephemeral Art
  • Print

Artist Camp

A 4- day Artist Camp provided Genesians the opportunity to see maestros in action, making a blank canvas come to life and sculpting raw marble stone into a beautiful piece of art.

During the Camp, students interacted with renowned artists Ashok Hazra from Ajmer, Shail Choyal from Udaipur, Anjani Reddy from Hyderabad, Paramjeet Singh from Delhi, Somenath Maity and Ayushman Mitra from Kolkata and Mukul Panwar from Delhi.

It was great to see aspiring young artists come together and get inspired to create masterpieces of their own. Both the teachers and students were extremely honoured to have met some of the country’s best artists.

Visual and Performing Arts Programme
Visual Art
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