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Beyond The Classroom

Performing Arts Dramatics


Learning is the Quest for truth. Theatre and performing arts are the Means and the Avenues to express it.

Verbal expression is the first miracle of creative expression and it is also the most intimate. As students develop their confidence and begin to express their inner feelings eloquently, the Quest for Truth becomes deeper and richer. The key here is for students to learn that true expression is not repetition from memory, but feeling, thinking and perceiving thoughts. Expressively then, crafting those feelings, thoughts and perceptions into their own original and unique way of speaking and communicating.

Written creativity – be it poetry, fiction, drama, song or speech holds the key to the search for truth and catalyses its fulfilment. If students are exposed to rich oral, aural and written communication in their Early years, they will internalise the potential of those words, and this will reflect when the student begins to express inner feelings verbally. Students are therefore exposed to the best of poetry, fiction, drama and music as a sound start to fulfilling theatre education. Gradually, students are encouraged to express themselves while retaining their individual and original creativity. Recitation, songs, plays, debate, dance are all directed under the guidance of teachers who are empathetic towards the students and their inner thoughts.

The School offers certified courses through LAMDA UK in speech and drama. It also annually hosts an inter-school literary & cultural festival called ‘Landmark’ which is indeed a celebration of youthful creativity and innovation.

Visual and Performing Arts Programme
Visual Art
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