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Beyond The Classroom

Performing Arts Landmark


Genesis Global School began its journey in the Year 2010 with a vision to produce confident and sensitive future leaders. We believe that a harmonious blend of the Academic and the Co-curricular would certainly add panache to the personality of our students.

LANDMARK, a cultural and knowledge extravaganza, has been conceived with the same thought that our students will truly be scholars only when they are well versed with music, art and literature. In order to create global citizens of tomorrow, the students must develop a healthy spirit of competition.

Our school hosts about 1500 students each year, who participate in this event whole heartedly. Such a confluence provides a good opportunity for cultural exchange and for developing sensitivity and leadership skills amongst young adults.

LANDMARK, a vibrant and colourful festival, promises an equal and fair opportunity to every student who “Aspires to Inspire”. It offers a plethora of activities that will unfurl the creativity of every child. From the feisty ad-mad to soulful music to the rhapsody of rhythmic dances and intense and zesty debates, it has all been designed to propel the intellect and discover the latent potential of every individual. Landmark is indeed a celebration of youthful scholars and their innovation and talent.

Over the last three years we have received over whelming participation of leading schools from India and abroad. Some of the schools which participated were, Archbishop Mitty High School, USA; Aitchison College, Lahore; The Doon School, Dehradun; Mayo College Girls, Ajmer; Mayo College Boys, Ajmer; The Scindia School, Gwalior; YPS, Mohali; Modern School, Barakhamba Road etc.

Visual and Performing Arts Programme
Visual Art
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