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Beyond The Classroom

Performing Arts Music


Co-curricular activities in school build character and help develop multiple skills in students. A plethora of activities in literature, art, science, performing arts and sports, benefits students immensely. We also cultivate non- academic skills such as leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Inter-school competitions expose students to challenging real-world scenarios, thus, training them to become competent individuals. Interaction with students of different schools makes our students knowledgeable of the community around them. It also makes them aware of the International standards maintained and expected at Genesis Global School.

At the end of their schooling years, we expect our students to not only be academically successful, but also multifaceted, forward thinking individuals, who carry with them leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship skills. Writing and publishing is at the forefront for both day-students and resident-students. The Genesians publish four magazines and newsletters.

  • The Bugle – the Junior School newsletter
  • Expressions – Grade 5 collection of articles
  • The Coffee House – an annual magazine with inputs exclusively from the Resident Students, featuring all their in-house activities, prose, poetry, stories and articles.
  • The Genesian – School’s annual magazine
Visual and Performing Arts Programme
Visual Art
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