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/ Why Student-Teacher Relationship Matter

Why Student-Teacher Relationship Matter

Role of a Teacher in Student Life

Ask anyone about their fondest childhood memories and there are high chances a teacher would be a cherished part of this. Besides being the beacons of knowledge and one of the most trusted guides for those vulnerable years, teachers are that critical backbone which shape generations and impact our collective future. There is no doubt that a student-teacher relationship is one of the most treasured and significant aspects of every individual’s life.

The role of a teacher in a student’s life

In the pre-pandemic world, teachers and the students had the opportunity to connect by way of interacting, debating, discussing etc. However, in the pandemic ecosystem, these personal and informal touch points have been weakened by the digital medium and there is a lack of personal connection between the teachers and the students.

The days of classroom teachers as mere imparters of curriculum knowledge are long over. The modern teacher is a guru, friend, guide, and trusted companion who gives wings to the aspiration of the students and teaches them to learn from failures. Teachers today are wearing multiple hats and some of the types of teacher-student relationship include:

i. Role as a leader

: Instead of being an authoritarian figure, teachers are mentoring students to channel their talents, hone skills and develop to the best of their potential. Students are being encouraged to lead from the front, value their peers as teammates, embrace diversity & inclusion, be adaptable and agile.

ii. Role as a friend and counselor

: There’s an element of fun and trust between teachers and students these days as classroom discussions have moved into the real world, where students are encouraged to ask questions, confide their fears, and gently guide them to the right direction by their teacher.

iii. Encourage mental health and well-being

: It’s okay not to be okay. Armed with this motto, teachers across the world are opening up doors to their students to share their emotions, experiences, and concerns and find solutions to their problems & bring positive changes while working on their strengths and weaknesses.

Now, let’s talk about the ways to build a strong relationship between teacher and student

  • Encourage feedback

    : Students feel valued and respected when their teacher listens to their thoughts, opinions and points of view. By allowing them to share their viewpoint, teachers are setting a strong base for self-esteem and confidence.

  • Bonding outside the classroom

    : Group activities outside the classroom like school trips, sports or debating competitions & other such activities break the walls between both sides and help students view their teachers as relatable human beings with emotions and an element of fun. This cements the trust factor from their end.

  • Social and emotional learning methods

    : A vital component of education and human development, this methodology emphasizes self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness, and relationship skills.

Impact of a teacher-student relationship

The role of a teacher in a student’s life is pivotal since besides shaping the character of their students, teachers today are creating future leaders who are willing to take on and manage challenges, have a solutions-oriented mindset, be forever learners who are unafraid to pick up new skills & learning, but most importantly create a future that is safe, accessible and equitable. We at Genesis Global School aim to develop a long-term relationship that will prove to be instrumental in supporting students in the long run. Following this philosophy, we provide a wide array of support for students by way of providing Learning Support Teachers, Academic Counselors, Guidance Counselors, University Placement Advisors, Educational Psychologists and Occupational Therapists. All these services aim to develop a strong and long-term relationship between teacher and student.

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