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/ Soft Skills Training at Schools: Opening the doorway to future jobs & meaningful life

Soft Skills Training at Schools: Opening the doorway to future jobs & meaningful life

We all are aware that in addition to academic development, an important aspect of a child’s education is the development of life skills such as thinking, confidence, communication, and creativity. Therefore, it is important that such critical skills should be taught to the children from the beginning itself so as to build their base of first principles and also enhance their academic performance.

With the industry and corporate world continuously veering toward comprehensive professionals who display positive human traits and talent, schools across India and the globe are embracing soft skills. Therefore, there is an emphasis on soft skills training with identification of the core skill set which will not only aid in personality development but also pave the path for the future careers of the young learners.

The core soft skill set includes: Critical thinking, perseverance, work ethic, listening, time management, leadership, communication skills and empathy, teamwork, integrity, adaptability, flexibility, agility, courtesy. In a simpler form, soft skills can easily be described as ‘People Skills.’

Personality development through soft skills

Soft skills are the core of everything that is human. It is also critical in shaping the personality of students as they form the foundation for their future life and endow them with positive qualities like self-confidence, trust, emotional intelligence & positive attitude.

Why Soft Skills are a Thumbs-Up for New-Reality Careers

These days, employees prefer professionals who are not only talented but can manage their emotions & understanding the diversity of people around them, besides displaying interpersonal and social skills.

Instilling the habit of reading and learning in children

The development of soft skills and holistic skills is a continuous process where children are given opportunities to participate in a variety of learning activities. We can leverage a combination of technology and live interactions to develop soft skills in children besides instilling the habit of reading and learning in them.

How Schools can enhance soft skills training

It has become common practice in schools today to test students’ knowledge through a variety of contests. And schools play a critical role in enhancing the soft skills of children. Some of the activities which schools can undertake to instil the soft skills among children are enclosed:

Communication & Listening Skills– Recap a conversation

Teachers can set up a conversation between two students and ask the others to recall the conversation. This will help the young learners not only become good listeners over time, but also help them express themselves and communicate what they heard in a more engaging way for their peers.

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Deadline & Perseverance—Highest Castle

Distribute diverse materials like blocks, pipes, sticks, wooden pieces in equal parts within a group of students. The team that builds the highest castle in the deadline wins! The students learn to work together as a team on multiple ideas, find the best possible solution with patience and critically examine all possibilities!

Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

Give the students an imaginary situation like someone got a new pet or their friend got hurt during play and then writing down how they think the other person would react and feel and how would they respond to the situation.

Personality development and soft skills training in schools and colleges are needed now more than ever. And, there is an urgent need to strike the perfect balance between the two to enhance the academic performance of the children.

We at Genesis Global School are committed to training the children with requisite soft skill set and ensure an enriching and holistic learning experience for all our students.

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