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/ Best schools in Noida

Best schools in Noida

To say that a school is the foundational pillar of any child’s life journey would be an understatement. Schools are not just formal teaching institutions. A school is where a child learns the most valuable life lessons, high-quality education, about humanity, respecting nature, kindness, humility and the importance of brotherhood, camaraderie, and equality, among others. These are the core edifices on which Genesis Global School, Noida, proudly stands.

Genesis Global School, a premium day-cum residential school, stands out for offering K-12 world-class education in an experiential system that fuses the tools of modern technology, with tradition and culture. The nature of imparting education is crafted to enable students to think innovatively, training them to think as global citizens and leave a mark in their chosen professions.

Situated in the Delhi NCR area, the school offers a  state-of-the-art campus  that stretches across 30 acres of land with lush green landscapes and a variety of facilities that nurture future leaders of the country.

Genesis Global School was founded in 2009 following the vision of late Mr. Gurdeep Singh Chadha, former Chairman of the WAVE Group who aimed to nurture resilient, holistic, empathetic, and lifelong learners in a multi-cultural setting. The school has since evolved as one of best international schools in Noida for K-12 educational needs of students, which blends a well-rounded academic curriculum with comprehensive sporting, and co-curricular programmes.

Being the top-ranking school in Noida, Genesis Global School provides the IB & CBSE courses, based on core subjects, facilitating the development of concepts, ideas, and skills. It is a CIS Accredited school and is working in collaboration with many reputed educational institutions such as Clifton College, Middlesex University, Ermitage International School of France & Schloss Neubeuern to provide an international platform and exposure to its students integrating technology with modern teaching methods, culture, and innovation.

Apart from providing holistic education to its students, the school has continually strived to reach international standards and benchmarks. Through the unique student-centric curriculum, focus on active learning, and the use of technology for learning, the students have been able to gain admission to courses around the globe.

There is a strong focus on sports too, recognising the role sports play in imparting life lessons such as discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability, and teamwork. There are 15 different indoor and outdoor sporting activities that are conducted at the school. Furthermore, GGS also offers a  state-of-the-art Athletic Center  and  performing arts arena, which sets it apart from other NCR schools.

The school also provides a plethora of co-curricular activities such as visual and performing arts programmes, design and technology and Robotics programmes like Lego Mindstorm & EV3, VEX IQ & EDR, TETRIX, and sophisticated NAO Humanoid to enhance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills of its students. Apart from this, the school also offers courses related to academic simulation of the United Nations, Astronomy among others.

Genesis Global School also offers a five-day boarding programme and a full seven-day residential programme aimed at providing ease to both students as well as their parents. The boarding programme is overseen by the Head of Residences and a group of dedicated house parents who tailor everything to the student’s needs. As one of the best  cbse schools in noida, GGS has consistently ranked number one in Noida by the Education World India School Rankings for International Day and Residential Schools for many years.

In addition to its Wi-Fi-enabled campus, the school has classrooms that have e-lectures, multimedia libraries, computer labs, all of which constitute an academic infrastructure that meets international standards. The school building is centrally air-conditioned with 24-hour electronic surveillance security and trained security staff monitors CCTV cameras which are strategically located throughout the facility to ensure 24-hour security.

To achieve success, it is critical to maintain relationships with parents, students, and teachers. In the 11 years since the school opened, it has invested well in its resources and will continue to provide a warm, caring, and compassionate environment for students to live and learn, a creative, innovative instructional environment for teachers, and a welcoming environment for parents.

Therefore, selecting Genesis Global School, one of the top schools in Noida for your child is one of the best choices you can make to ensure a bright future for him/her.

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