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/ Why Should You Choose Boarding Rather Than Day School for Your Child?

Why Should You Choose Boarding Rather Than Day School for Your Child?

boarding schools in India

As a parent, we are sure that you want nothing but the best for your child. From choosing the most comfortable clothes to the best toys, you do it all. But when it comes to deciding if boarding schools are better than day schools, we know that a part of you gets confused. The dilemma is not hard to understand as the picture of boarding schools is often painted a bit shoddy. However, the advantages of boarding school are not limited to extracurricular activities and academics. Many other factors prove that boarding schools are better than day schools.

The Classes are Small

If you admit your child in a public school, chances are that your child is just a number. With 30-40 students in the class, the child has to be extremely bright to get noticed.

On the other hand, boarding schools often have a balanced student-mentor ratio. We at Genesis Global School have a 25:1 ratio from grade 2 to grade 12 and 25:2 + 1 nanny for grades Pre-Nursery to 1. With a limited number of scholars in class, teachers can focus more on each scholar.


One of the most significant benefits of enrolling your child in a boarding school is that it helps in self-development. From making their own bed, getting dressed themselves & eating themselves, to taking decisions for themselves , your child will do it all. A significant difference between day school and boarding school is that the latter makes your child self-sufficient and highly independent and while acquiring some valuable life lessons.

Conditioned for Success

At a boarding school, scholars are conditioned for success because they are constantly encouraged to achieve their full potential. With the environment constantly productively charged, boarding school students have no choice but to be engaged in fruitful activities.  Unlike other students who may be distracted with a multitude of other things in the home environment. Many studies have shown that boarding school students not only excel at school and college level but also advance rapidly in their career. Boarding scholars are the showcase of the academic excellence that boarding schools offer. Continuous  supervision in all the study sessions helps mould the scholars into success-oriented individuals.

Holistic Education

As a parent, we are sure you want more from a school than academics. Boarding schools follow the holistic approach of education and aim at offering education that is in tune with each child’s unique needs and skills. This shift in thought is because education is no longer only about tangible and measurable skills – it is more than that. Today, natural and engaging way of teaching works better rather than the old school teaching methodology.

Cross-Cultural Connection

Scholars from diverse backgrounds are a part of boarding schools. Since all students stay under one roof, they all start developing the feeling of harmony, regardless of the different religion or culture they all come from. From sharing food and their living space, children do it all without any differences while establishing a cross-cultural connection. Boarding school students form a bond that is beyond all boundaries. The skill of being tolerant of one another is necessary to have a peaceful life.

Final Words!

There are hardly any disadvantages of boarding school if your child’s development is your top priority. A scholar gets several benefits as they follow an orderly lifestyle and study pattern at the boarding school. Furthermore, they are under constant guidance and supervision of experienced staff. All these benefits are enough to conclude that boarding schools are better than day schools.



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