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/ Why is Sports Education an Integral Part of Education?

Why is Sports Education an Integral Part of Education?

Gone are the days when there was a lack of emphasis on sports education in India. However, educational institutes are now beginning to realize the important role of sports in the overall development of a child. That is the reason why the dynamics of sports education is changing rapidly in schools across the nation. It is exciting to witness sports education in India, gaining popularity, where parents are looking for schools that offer an extensive range of sports activities.  

Evidently, more schoolare now encouraging sports education in India to help students develop into well-rounded individuals and prepare them for competitive events as well. 

Being a leading global school in India, we understand the importance of sports education in India and how it can contribute to a child’s physical and mental growth. To raise social awareness about sports education in India, we bring this detailed post that will help you understand its various facets.  

 What is Sports Education?  

Sports education is a curriculum model that is designed to provide an enriching sports experience to students. Introducing sports in the education curriculum not only gives them exposure to a wide variety of sports but also promotes their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Furthermore, the curriculum for sports education in India allows teachers and instructors to assist and guide students to create their own sports learning experience. Since sports education provides students with wholesome learning experience, it has become an essential part of the curriculum in schools 

                                             How Sports Benefits Education? 

There are multiple benefits of sports education in India, which all contribute to the overall development of children. Not only playing games in routine makes them healthy and stress-free but also helps in boosting their performance academically. Additionally, playing with classmates and engaging in friendly competitions helps students gain self-confidence and learn team spirit 

Here’s how sports education in India helps in student’s overall growth:  

Leadership Skills – Playing in teams or groups requires a student to lead his/her team, which not only uplifts a child’s confidence but also plays an integral role in building leadership skills for the future. Moreover, educational sports aids in developing a student’s mental growth & strengthens his/her ability to draw logical conclusions.  

Boosts Self-esteem – Multiple studies reveal that playing sports can enhance a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Small gestures such as a high-five from a competitive opponent, a handshake from the sports coach, a small pat on the back from teammates, or words of appreciation from guardians and friends can help boost your child’s self-confidence in the long run.  

Physical and Mental Wellness – Indulging in regular physical activities in the form of sports boosts the immune system and helps students stay super-healthy. Reduced risk of obesity, heart ailments, and spine problems are some of the most important benefits of playing regular sports in schools. Engaging in physical activities also enhances overall fitness levels ranging from bone to heart. Due to the flourishing of sports education in India, students reduce their chances of developing excess fat deposits, thus stay slim and fit. 

Furthermore, the training activities aid them in maintaining a good posture, thereby contributing to their personalityRegular sports activities also allow students to take a break from academics and de-stress themselves. It helps them perform better in every arena of life 

                                         Why is Sports Education in India Important?  

Having understood the numerous benefits of sports education in India, it’s not hard to comprehend why the Indian government in 2018 ordered schools to include sports in the curriculum. If there is some physical activity in a student’s daily routine, then it would make a positive impact on their health.  

There was a time when more importance was given to grades rather than extracurricular activities. However, colleges today also consider a student’s sports achievements at the time of admissions and later provide opportunities for making a career. It has led to an increased emphasis on the holistic development of students.  

Besides physical and mental development, participating in team events for friendly inter-school competitions helps children in socializing and building personal bonds with each other. This is one of the primary reasons why sports education is important and deserves to be included in every schools’ education curriculum.  

It’s evident that by not indulging in sports, students miss out on developing critical thinking skills, building physical wellness and maintaining overall well-being, and this is why playing sports should be made mandatory for all students 

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