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/ Why is Art Education Essential for New-Age Learners?

Why is Art Education Essential for New-Age Learners?

Why art education is essential for new age learners

Art education has changed radically in recent years. For decades teachers have emphasized the importance of art in a child’s growth and development. Engaging with art is essential for human experience as it lets you communicate and be in touch with yourself through artistic expressions. Whether it is dance, music, painting or theatre, participation in these activities help students learn essential life skills. 

However, one of the challenges in the way of providing effective art education is the lack of factual evidence that demonstrates its educational value.  

What is art education, you may ask? It is an opportunity to nurture your children by allowing them to find and explore their individuality through imagination, creativity, effort and collaboration. In an age where students are encouraged to run after their passion, art education is a blessing in disguise. The concept and methodologies of art education lets children discover their abilities in various fields.  

Let’s take a closer look at the importance of art education in the school curriculum and its benefits:  

  • Creates Positive Habits and Behaviour 

When schools integrate art education across their curriculum, it fosters a cordial culture and atmosphere among the students. Learning a musical instrument or dance stylecreating a painting or practicing drama are ways to make students gain confidence and develop character.  

As they try to accomplish tasks that do not come easily, children learn discipline and patience. When they succeed at something, it builds confidence and ingrains the value of self-improvement. Students learn habits, behaviours and attitudes that are necessary for success in any field of endeavour. 

  • Enhances Creativity 

Art education in schools encourages creativity among students in the midst of academic stress. We must learn the difference between art in education and education in art to understand the reason behind why it is needed. Art education acts as a recreational time between classes but with lifelong learnings.  

Performing arts students show greater flexibility and adaptability in thinking than those who do not engage in such activities. Art education allows students to create original artwork filled with displays of unique thought and rhythm.  

  • Value of Teamwork 

Art education makes the students realize that they are a part of a community, and they must work as a team to achieve common goals. Whether it is a theatrical production, a dance performance, a choir or any type of collaborative art form, it requires teamwork. As children begin to work together, they learn to understand and rise above their differences to contribute towards brilliant performances 

By teaching students how to live and work together, art education promotes a peaceful learning experience and makes them appreciate constructive criticism.  

  • Empathy


Every parent wants their child to thrive in academics, but first, they want them to become good human beings. A good human knows how and when to empathize with his fellow mates. Art education is just another doorway for them to learn the importance of empathy. Art education sparks communication and allows students to learn about each other, along with their struggles. As we know, everybody has their own set of struggles, and we must not forget to treat people with kindness. That is why art education is crucial for making students well-rounded and thoughtful individuals 

Art Education Matters 

Students who engage in art education receive far-reaching advantages that are essential for the groundwork of success in the 21st Century. It allows them to explore their full-potential and creativity while collaborating to achieve a common goal. So, if you are looking for a school for your child, make sure you pick one with extensive art education within the curriculum.  

Activities like music, dance, theatre or painting also help students improve their academic performance by increasing their levels of concentration. Artistic experiences boost critical cognitive skills and instill students to take time to observe the world through different perspectives.  

We, at Genesis Global School, include art education as an essential curriculum feature to develop child’s overall learning and development qualities. We let students engage in performing arts such as dance, music and theatre as well as visual arts such as digital art, clay, construction and more.  

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