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/ Why Environmental Learning Is As Important As Academic and Sports Education?

Why Environmental Learning Is As Important As Academic and Sports Education?

Why Environment Learning is so important?

Understanding the gravity of the environmental crisis around us, it is significant to have thorough knowledge in order to protect and prevent further deterioration. Instilling the love and care for the surroundings is essential in a young learners’ education. Making sure that the needs of the future generation are met by the earth’s resources, sustainability is highly demanded today. At the present rate of consumption, natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. The wastage of resources today is going to directly effect future generations, thus learning the importance of the resources and the environment at an early age, can inhibit a better relationship with nature. Environmental education helps people understand the repercussions caused by overexploitation, and act accordingly.

Reversing environmental damage is difficult – also sometimes impossible. We need skilled innovators and enthusiasts to reduce the damage and harness green solutions. Thus, teaching environmental education at schools is significant nowadays. Environmental education explains the natural environment, the needs, and the wants along with depth analysis of how human can manage their actions and align them in favor of the world habitat. The main focus of education is to impart knowledge, create awareness, inculcate an attitude of concern, and also provide necessary skills to handle the environment and its challenges.

Environmental Education is basically learning about the environment, through the environment, and for the environment. The study should be a reflection of the local and also the world environmental concerns and needs; and to be responsive to challenges as well. Environmental study is not merely a transfer of knowledge, it is an approach to learning by providing direct exposure to the environment, using active, hands-on discovery method with emphasis on learning by doing, exploring and problem-solving.

Besides, being aware of the society – environmental education helps children today in various ways. Because of lifestyle changes, today’s children are busy playing indoor games and busy on electronic gadgets. They spend most of their time watching television, listening to music, playing or surfing the Internet. They have no inclination to travel and  explore the natural world around them. This not only impacts their health but also disconnects them from their surroundings and nature. Growing up into adults that are detached to the concerns at hand and are not inclined to be nature preserving.

An environmentally educated generation is the need going forward. Tomorrow’s leaders need to be equipped for tomorrow’s challenges, and we must adequately prepare the young learners, for the future they will inherit.

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