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/ Where are we?

Where are we?

Where are we - Genesis Global School

Over the last decades the world has been going through extremely fast changes impacting every sphere of our lives. We have been stopping from time to time to see what we have left behind, what we have lost and then we would continue our rush at even higher speed. All the things that we have been concerned with would end up being announced as global issues and all the leaders in all over the world would start looking for who and what are to be blamed for those… Hardly is there a single person who has not heard how we people are the main reasons for creating global issues, how we impact the climate change that is bringing to global warming, greenhouse effects, air and water pollution and so on. We have been voicing the existing problems with little being undertaken to solve those in fact…

Where are we now?

The recent months have shown us what it means not to be taking things seriously! Over these few months governments have learnt how to make rules, how to impose them to all people, we as people learnt how to follow the rules, how to act unanimously, how to make sure every and each of us has his own contribution to the improvement of the situation. 

Feeling the real fear for our and our close people’s lives we have learnt how to do things we could not even imagine we were able to, we started living lives completely different from what we were used to, we started developing habits and characters we could have not imagined we would ever have. Our actions have changed, our perceptions have changed, and we have started looking at things from other perspective… Is this better or not? Difficult to say, but one thing is definite – it is radically different!

When thinking about the future, it is hard to imagine what we would experience later. Would our current situation become a lesson for all of us to refer to serious things with more seriousness, or we would still think Global warming and other big issues would never reach us? I wonder if this pandemic would end showing us that we are the ones who need to be taking small steps to stop what might later become an unavoidable disaster which reaching us would not be possible to stop. I wish we could learn more – if only we could see that misfortunes are to be prevented, when they reach us stopping them will never help

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