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/ Tips and Tricks to Lead a Waste-free Lifestyle

Tips and Tricks to Lead a Waste-free Lifestyle

Tips and Tricks to Lead a Waste-free Lifestyle

Living a waste-free life is no longer a theoretical concept, but rather a practical life style change which is more than necessary at the current world scenario.

With polar ice-caps melting, extinction of wildlife and sea life, the world is experiencing an alarming rate of global situations that need to be addressed at the earliest.

The extensive consumerism based approach to living, is bound to produce a humongous amounts of waste in a year. Reducing one’s carbon footprint is a challenge and an eco-friendly step. A waste-free life is achieved steadily with a conscious effort at every consumer’s end.

Let us discuss some real basic tips and tricks to lead a minimal waste-free Lifestyle:

  1. Start Saying NO

The first step for starting the process is to learn to say NO to things you simply can live without. From taking business cards to plastic straws at restaurants, every small thing that can be avoided – shouldn’t be bought or taken. A small but rather essential step towards reducing consumption.

  1. Use products that are eco-friendly

From using plastic-free packaging to choosing reusable cloth versions. You’ll quickly save money over costly disposables and products. Eco-friendly versions are also readily available. Start using big shopping bags made from canvas, mesh, cloth or recycled/recyclable plastic.

  1. Separating the Waste

The first step of moving towards a zero-waste lifestyle is by separating the biodegradable waste from the non-biodegradable. Using the biodegradable waste as compost is highly beneficial while disposing off the non-biodegradable responsibly is important. While separating the waste, do keep in mind the use of biodegradable disposable bags needs to be used as well.

  1. Store Products in reusable containers:

Mason jars or glass are the best containers to store bulk loose items such as nuts, grains, oatmeal etc. Using these reusable containers can help save loads of plastic containers that cannot be used for a longer time. Shopping in bulk, helps avoid packaging waste.

  1. Make a conscious effort:

There are loads of practices that can ease your struggle to lead a Waste-free life. From reuse, recycle to upcycle – every step, every small decision counts. Switching to LEDs, using water essentially, avoiding any wastage, going digital and saving papers – there are numerous ways in which you can transform your lifestyle and be more aware of the current climate crisis.


Although the switch can be intimidating sometimes, but realizing that every carbon print is significantly responsible for the degrading conditions, everyone needs to take calculated and enormous steps towards helping the change. Simply following the suggestions above may not lead to a major impact, but a start is always welcome.


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