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/ Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing an Early Learning School for Kids

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing an Early Learning School for Kids

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Apart from happiness and joy, parenthood brings with itself a great deal of responsibilities as well. When the child reaches the age of schooling, every parent wants to give their child the best. Choosing an early learning school can be overwhelming as it’s an essential building block in the foundation of their future. We at Genesis Global School, believe that the process of finding the perfect early learning school should be properly planned. After all, it is about your child’s future.

Here are some useful tips that will help you find the best early learning school for your little one. Whether you are planning to send your child to any of the residential schools or day boarding, these deciding factors will come in handy.

6 Things Parents Must Consider When Choosing an Early Learning School

  • Is the school offering a safe and secure transport option?
  • Are there multiple education curriculums to choose from?
  • Is the teacher-to-child ratio decent enough for the teacher to focus on every child?
  • Are there any second languages taught?
  • Does the school maintain a balance between extra-curricular and academics?
  • Are there enough opportunities for parent participation?

Other Key Factors to Consider

The Teaching Staff

One of the most important things to evaluate when touring different schools is the teaching staff. They are the ones who will make your child’s early learning experience a fruitful one. The teachers in our school bond with the children and make them feel safe. They establish a connection with the children to help them learn easily. Furthermore, our teachers also encourage the students to be inquisitive by asking open-ended questions.

Safety & Security

When choosing an early learning school for your child, it is essential to ensure that the school has a strict security system in place. We at Genesis Global School understand the safety and security concern of the parents and thus offer round-the-clock security throughout the campus. The strategically located 280 CCTV cameras are handled by trained security personnel.

Our fully equipped 8-bed infirmary has a team of highly qualified medical personnel. We also have a tie-up with Jaypee Hospital & Max Hospital Noida to tackle emergencies well.


Young ones are more prone to illnesses and leaving the safe and protected environment of the home exposes them to a host of germs. We provide the children with a neat and clean environment and make it a point that the housekeeping staff follows basic cleanliness practices. The classroom and the premises are cleaned every day and as and when needed. The trash goes into the designated area while potty accidents are also handled to perfection.

Policies and Rules

Schools take time to establish policies and rules keeping in mind the well-being of the children. These rules are for the students, staff members and parents as well. Everything from attendance to early drop-offs and late pick-ups should be inquired. Parents must also inquire about how strictly the policies are enforced. You can request a copy of the policy and rule handbook for a clearer picture.

Final Words!

We offer a carefully crafted curriculum for the early scholars and even offer residential school facility grade 1 onwards. We are proud to be dubbed as one of the best residential schools for kids and take special care in giving the scholars all possible facilities. To know what is residential school and why residential school is the right option for your kids, feel free to give us a call on +91-9711000498 / 560 / 625 / 626 or write to us at

Keep the parameters mentioned above in mind when choosing an early learning school to make an informed decision.





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