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/ Making Learning Fun with Games

Making Learning Fun with Games

Games play a pivotal role in a child’s life because they not only teach them life skills like cooperation, teamwork, and leadership, but they also lay a solid foundation for their careers and personal lives. Gaming is an integral part of the learning process and has therefore become an integral part of traditional classrooms as well as online learning. Hence, it is always a good idea to open the door to fun learning through games.

Remember the mischief and memories of Snakes and Ladders? Besides being a great bonding activity among family and friends, it was also a great way for children to learn early mathematics concepts like addition and counting. Today, gaming has evolved much beyond that with concepts such as STEM learning which aims to build self-confidence in children through experimentation. There are also many fun math games available in the market which are aimed at increasing the child’s intuitive math abilities.

Now, let’s talk about some of the benefits of learning through fun games, they:

  • Sharpen concentration power
  • Build and improve memory skills
  • Create a solid foundation for future learning and multi-disciplinary skills
  • Sharpens analytical, critical thinking, and reasoning skills
  • Encourages observation with memory based games with fun element attached to it

In light of the vast array of options available in the market related to fun games, it is quite natural for parents to be confused about what kind of games they should choose for their children. We are listing some of the best games to improve child’s memory and can be easily played at home:

  1. Number Spin: Write some numbers on different slips of paper and ask your child to read them within a minute. Then, quickly flip them over with the blank side facing upwards and ask him/her to repeat the numbers in some time. Your child will be stimulated to engage, enhance participation skills, and develop his or her sense of numbers as they play this game.
  2. Memory Card Matching: Memory card matching games can be played using shapes, patterns or colors. Just jumble the cards and ask the child to match the pairs. Playing this game will improve concentration, increase attention to detail and enhance the ability to find similar and different objects.
  3. Daily routine rewind: The objective of this game is to establish a sense of timing and enhance the ability to memorize the routine activities of the day such as breakfast, brushing, bath, school, tiffin, lunch, park play, dinner, bedtime time etc. Playing this game will not only increase concentration power, but will also instill discipline in the child.
  4. Where’s Waldo: A classic toddler favourite, this game entails finding ‘Waldo’ –a character from people dressed in identical clothes in a room.
  5. Treasure Hunt: Take a few of the child’s favourite things and hide them in spaces inside your house. Then, ask the child to locate them. This game will not only keep the child’s mind ticking but will also improve his/her rationale, memory and critical thinking.

Eventually, our collective goal is to raise children who are not just successful adults in the future, but happy and collaborative human beings who bring more positivity to our planet. At Genesis Global School, learning and fun go hand in hand as the school undertakes thoughtfully curated activities for children that are designed to enhance their analytical thinking and logical reasoning, while building their confidence.

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