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/ Magician Mentors Moulding Minds at Genesis

Magician Mentors Moulding Minds at Genesis

“It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom.”
– Michael Morpurgo

Who or what is a teacher? If we examine the essence of what a teacher represents, especially within the nurturing grounds of Genesis, we uncover a unique perspective. At Genesis, reputed as one of the best boarding schools in Delhi NCR, teachers embody a blend of qualities that resemble the attributes of both ‘tea’—flavorful, adaptable, and a stress-reliever—and ‘cher’—brimming with affection for all students.

Life at Genesis, a top boarding school in Delhi NCR, is not just about easing the academic journey but enriching it with excitement and comprehensive learning. Students arrive as blank slates and, through their experiential learning experiences at Genesis, gradually fill their pages with vivid chapters of their lifelong memory book.

Our philosophy revolves around molding minds to prepare students for the uncertainties of the future. Our teachers, the magician mentors, are lifelong learners themselves, continuously evolving with the latest educational trends through rigorous professional development. This commitment to growth is reflected in our learning environment, where teachers not only exhibit confidence but are also adept at understanding each child’s unique motivations, allowing them to tailor opportunities that support active learning, creativity, critical thinking abilities, and free expression.

Through a transdisciplinary, concept-driven, and inquiry-based approach, our teachers encourage students to develop a growth mindset, recognizing the importance of knowledge, conceptual understandings, skills, and personal attributes essential for holistic development. Participation in various clubs and programs, such as MUN and awareness drive initiatives, further encourages students to reflect on their learning and take meaningful action in their communities and beyond.

At Genesis, we believe that a safe learning environment is pivotal for students to take ownership of their learning journey, equipping them with the necessary skills for future accountability. Our education extends beyond catering to the local community, embracing a global perspective. The strong connections built between teachers and students through play-based and social-emotional learning components in the curriculum are crucial for developing self-control, resilience, and emotional adaptation.

We emphasize the importance of not just introducing new strategies for learning but ensuring that students see their teachers enjoying the process alongside them. This philosophy fosters strong mentor-student relationships that transcend school hours and academic years, cultivating a welcoming culture where students across different grades, and even alumni, frequently revisit to connect with their mentors.

At Genesis, learning is an ongoing, constantly evolving journey. Our mentors, with their heart and soul, engage in every class, making learning relevant, meaningful, and enjoyable. The skills and teachings imparted by a Genesis mentor remain with students throughout their lives, embodying the necessary teaching skills that enable students to plan, act, assess, and reflect on their learning journey.

In summary, the mentors at Genesis, recognized as one of the top boarding schools in Delhi NCR, are magicians who embrace changes and challenges with the aim to inspire, spread happiness, and positively change the world by molding young learners with compassion and passion. Through their commitment to providing the best education and learning experiences, Genesis cultivates competent learners equipped with the social, cognitive, affective, and collaborative tools needed for self-directed lifelong learning.

Written By

A Magician Mentor, PYP Coordinator
Monika Kala”

On 06-02-2024 0 279

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