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/ Here’s How a Foreign Language Makes Your Child Stand Out

Here’s How a Foreign Language Makes Your Child Stand Out

How a foreign language makes your child unique

The concept of learning a foreign language is productive in all ways as it not just improves linguistic skills but enables students to explore and learn about different cultures and lifestylesIf your child studies a foreign language in school, they can achieve excellent levels of fluency along with increasing their prospects globally. Due to the exceeding competition in every field, being bilingual can make your child stand out in several ways.  

When a student successfully learns a new language, he/she becomes capable of bridging the gap between various other cultures and promotes the ideas of international diplomacy. Parents often have questions like- ‘how to learn a new language/’; learning a foreign language is based on personal interest and many schools and are including them in their curriculum.  

Following are some of the benefits of learning a foreign language: 

  • Makes You Smarter 

The best way to learn a language is to begin from the schooling years itself. It helps you improve your decisionmaking skills and problem-solving skills. Acquiring a foreign language improves your memory and increases your attention span. The process of becoming bilingual is like an exercise for your brain and challenges you to concentrate and study more efficiently. 

  • Multi-tasking Skills 

Multilingual children are skilled at switching between their speech, writing and structure. All this juggling makes them goof multi-taskersAs a bilingualthe child gets the practice to choose the vital information and ignore the extraneous details. This is how students who learn a foreign language are efficient at multi-tasking. It improves your skills in divergent thinking, which is the ability to identify multiple solutions to find a single problem.  

  • Boosts Creativity 

Learning a second language not only improves your ability to solve problems and think more logically, but also makes you experiment with new words and phrases. Some studies have shown that multilingual speakers are more creative than monolingual speakers. Brushing up your foreign language skills forces you to think of other words when you can’t quite remember the original one you wanted to use. This enables you to form new sentences and experiment with concepts.  

  • New Career Opportunities 

Knowing a foreign language can help students communicate better and interact with multiple communities. In this new age of global expansion, companies are increasingly connecting with new markets. Potential employers consider multilingual people an asset in an employee’s skill set. If your child learns a new language from a young age, they have higher personal and professional value as it gives them a competitive edge.  

  • Builds Self Confidence 

Confidence automatically increases as you master a new skill. Learning a foreign language is no exception. If your child begins to learn all about a new language, they will feel empowered and will develop a curiosity to learn more languages and cultures. Also, speaking a foreign language is a great way to make new friendsexpand their horizons and broaden life’s experiences 

Foreign Language: A Doorway to New Possibilities 

There is no doubt that learning a foreign language has countless benefits. It is the reason why parents are looking for schools that provide inclusive foreign language learning. It helps in students’ cognitive development and transformation. It has become crucial that young students engage in learning a new language, considering the scope of it internationally.  

We, at Genesis Global School, see the potential of foreign languages in the coming years and offer languages including French, German, Spanish and Sanskrit to students. We believe that learning a second language opens broadens the scholars’ mindset and help them face the global world.  

We also have a Foreign Language Club for students to use the medium beyond the walls of a classroom and apply in real-life situations. It is an initiative to bring out thcuriosity in students to learn and explore more. It also helps those students who lack interaction or motivation to do something out of the box. The club offers several benefits, such as enhancing student’s writing skills, engaging them in interactive games and discussions. So, make sure you let your child learn a foreign language to encourage autonomous learning and foster creativity.  

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