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/ Climate Crisis – The Steps we need to take Now!

Climate Crisis – The Steps we need to take Now!

The steps we need to take for climate crisis

Climate change is the defining crisis of our time and it is happening even more quickly than we feared. According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the last four years were recorded as the hottest years, in history. The winter temperature in the Arctic has risen by 3°C in the last 20 years. Dramatic changes in climate can affect food production, water availability, wildlife, and human health. Weather conditions, such as storms, floods, droughts, etc., damage infrastructures like roads, rail networks, and buildings and give rise to a widespread loss.

Small steps that we can take now to help deal with Climate Crisis:

• Reduce Emission

Buy products with minimal packaging to help to reduce waste. The further a product travels and the packing materials used to help it survive the journey all add up to its carbon footprints. By buying locally sourced products and recycling half of your household waste, you can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Transportation causes a lot of emissions. Drive less, drive smart, use cleaner fuels and if possible- go electric.

• Save Energy

Replace your bulbs with LED’s, reduce the use of air conditioners, buy energy-efficient products.

• Eat food with less carbon content

Reduce your meat consumption and increase your vegetables and fruit consumption. Research has revealed the tremendous impact that the mass production of meat, dairy, and eggs has on our planet. Additionally, food wastage is also an enormous ‘hidden’ contributor to climate change.

• Recycle

Excessive manufacturing results in excessive greenhouse emissions per year. Consumers drive the supply for any product hence the need for recycling, which is cost-effective and helps reduce waste up to a large extent.

• Switch from fossil fuels

We all know the limitations and repercussions of using non-renewable fuel sources. Whenever possible, harness more of solar power, wind energy, hydropower, and biomass. These sources don’t have the impact that non-renewable sources have on the environment

• Say No to Deforestation

while we may not be able to stop deforestation directly, reducing the consumption of paper products will affect the action. There has been deforestation in the name of development all over the world. This has adversely affected the environment of the globe. Many species have already gone extinct and many are on the urge of extinction.

• Create Sustainable Infrastructure

To reduce CO2 emissions from buildings – caused by heating, air conditioning, hot water or lighting – it is necessary both to build new low energy buildings and to renovate the existing constructions, making them more environmentally compatible.

• Consume Responsibly

Adopting responsible consumption habits is crucial, be it regarding food (particularly meat), clothing or daily needs product. Completely ban the use of single-use plastic, make conscious choices to pick locally sourced produce and make the effort to carry a cloth bag with you at all times.

• Educate yourself and others

The importance of educating others about climate change cannot be overstated in our modern society. You can help protect the planet by educating yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, and stay updated about the latest ideas and solutions.

It is essential to deliberate every step that violates the environment in any way. We are at the stage where every single step counts, with constant depleting climate conditions – we need to stand against pollution and support the right use of resources. We all need to be the activists now!!

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