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/ Adding Strength to the Middle Years – IB MYP

Adding Strength to the Middle Years – IB MYP

Genesis Global School

Following up on our previous article, emphasizing the Impact of IB – PYP on Learners of Tomorrow, Mr.K Rajarao, Coordinator MYP, Genesis Global School directs us towards the importance of the Middle Years Programme.

How we live, work, learn and play has undergone dramatic changes over past two decades. The nature of jobs and the different sets of skills and trainings required for these jobs has changed and therefore has to be imparted in educational institutes from the very beginning. Although the foundation of training begins well in primary schools, it needs to be nurtured well and focus driven in middle school years too.

From pre-school to university, from technical to vocational to professional, education is imperative to human growth and future employment. Focus of a well-educated worker has shifted from generic qualifications to a specific skill set needed to do a specific task. And, this demands mammoth change in the education system that can develop these skills layer by layer year by year.

Although modern educators and workforce experts are emphasizing on development of customized 21st century skills, research has analyzed that a few common skills are mandatory for all jobs of the future namely, Collaboration and teamwork ,Critical and creative thinking ,Problem solving and decision making skills, Global and cultural awareness ,Leadership ,Information literacy ,Oral and written communication skills.

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) that is followed at Genesis Global School, is a concept-driven and inquiry-based teaching-learning curriculum. The emphasis is balanced between content and skill learning using inquiry and concepts as key tools.

Concept-driven curriculum encourages idea-centric teaching and learning, creates personal relevance for students, demonstrates connections between the subjects and real world and thus develops synergistic thinking.

IBMYP emphasizes on various skills which help students to learn ‘how to learn’ instead of just ‘what to learn’ through inquiry-based teaching. Students get an opportunity to control their own learning and thus grow as confident independent learners for life. By applying the skills and knowledge in familiar and unfamiliar situations they are taught problem solving skills as well. Applying the knowledge and skills for the best interest of the local and global communities, helps them to connect and apply their learning to achieve good for all. In order to contextualize the content are connected through personal, local and global issues, this not only develops creative solutions but also clarifies the purpose of inquiry.

“ IBMYP is strengthening the arms of these tender age kids by equipping them with tools, knowledge and skills so that they can own their future.” Mr.RajaRao, Coordinator MYP, Genesis Global School.

Stay connected for the next feature in this space that will talk about the IB Diploma Programme.

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