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/ 5 Common Myths about Boarding Schools

5 Common Myths about Boarding Schools

5 common myths about boarding schools

Many parents and students base their opinions of a boarding school on what they have seen in TVs and movies. Such mediums may or may not portray such schools in the right way. As a result, you, as a parent, may develop certain misconceptions with regards to sending your child to a boarding school. It may prevent you from considering the numerous advantages that it can offer studentsTo develop a real understanding of how boarding schools work, you must drop all preconceived notions and then explore optionsThere are many benefits of boarding schools and facts that you might not know.  

A boarding school education can be a great alternative when considering schools for your child. To help you put your misconceived notions to rest, here are the most common myths as well as the truth about them:  

Myth 1.  Boarding School Has An Extremely Strict Environment. 

TruthThis is one of the significant concerns of parents as they wonder whether their child will be able to live on his own or not. The truth is boarding schools provide friendly environment for students while ensuring that there is required discipline at the same time. Although there are rules, however, students also enjoy a high degree of freedom to enjoy schooling experience within the large campuses that such schools have. Students need to be back by curfew, which ensures that they remain disciplined. A boarding school also provides them with an opportunity to live with their friends and make lifelong memories  

Myth 2. Only Troubled Kids Go To A Boarding School. 

Truth: It is crucial to understand that a boarding school is not a type of punishment for troublesome kids. It is a place that makes all kinds of children learn discipline and independence essential for life ahead. Apart from this, they also learn other essentials like  taking care of diet, managing expenses, studying for exams and many more lessons, which your child may not learn in a regular schoolThey will come out as responsible and mature after a boarding school education.  

A boarding school presents an alternative learning setting where all children can thrive despite their backgrounds and grow to be wholesome individuals. 

Myth 3. Boarding School Has No Fun Activities Or Free Time. 

Truth: A boarding school prepares students holistically that includes sports and performing arts along with academicsParents often struggle between boarding school vs day school. It is because of lack of knowledge and awareness. A boarding school has plenty of fun and interactive activities for students to participate in and enjoy 

There are trips, off-campus opportunities and events as well for students to rejuvenate themselves. As students have to live their 24x7, a boarding school offers an inclusive curriculum for maximum learning.  

Myth 4. It Becomes Difficult To Keep In Touch With Family. 

Truth: ‘ Distance makes the heart grow fonder.’ Enrolling your child in a boarding school makes them realize the value of relationships and cherish them even more. Most boarding schools also have parents’ weekends and academic calendars that include breaks for home visits. Moreover, parents who live nearby can make regular trips to campus for cheering in during sports meet or theatre or dance performances. 

Myth 5. Teachers At A Boarding School Are Not Friendly. 

Truth: People often mistakenly believe that staff and faculty at boarding schools are not likable and amiable. That is why they feel that their child may be subject to unkind behaviour.   Howeverin reality, a boarding school has all sorts of faculty, which include qualified and friendly teachers. As students are living away from home, the teachers at a boarding school or a day boarding school, make sure that they act as their guardians.  

Discover the World of Boarding Schools 

It is vital to provide your children with an environment that promotes good mental health and life skills too. A boarding school allows students to build resilience, resourcefulness, and social confidence. We, at Genesis Global School, provide residences to students with an effort to create a comfortable and loving environment. We have separate air-conditioned residences for both boys and girls. We make sure students get personal attention and care from experienced house parents. Thus, a boarding school is an ideal setting to foster independence and overall development.  

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