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/ Understanding the global perspective in education

Understanding the global perspective in education

Understanding the global perspective in education

India has witnessed a transformation in its teaching and learning methodologies over the last decade with immersive learning and technology ushering changes in classrooms across the country. With an increased exposure to the internet, shrinking of boundaries and universal access to knowledge, education system in India has aligned itself to global standards for creating a brighter student.

While India has always been big on education and talent, in the present time, education with a global perspective is a critical necessity for future skills and a way of life. Many schools are becoming increasingly focused on making their students more resilient and confident learners and raise them as socially responsible leaders serving diverse communities and cultural contexts. Even students with special needs are provided opportunities to be a part of the mainstream schooling with many educational institutions incorporating best global practices and ensuring that they hire highly trained and experienced teachers.

Besides promoting a growth mindset, education with global perspective also fosters critical skills like empathy, responsibility, integrity and the ability to have a positive impact on the community by being a socially responsible human being.

Global education also gives a highly competitive advantage as compared to traditional education.

Here are some key benefits of global education are:

Design & technology: Besides problem solving skills, students are encouraged to develop creative and innovative strategies that create products which have a need-based function.  This also opens new and exciting career options for the students. Soft skills such as communication and team work are also some additional benefits of global education. Design and technology helps the student in a variety of careers like Architecture, Engineering, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design and more.

Evergreen skills: By encouraging project-based learning inside classrooms, schools are honing a variety of evergreen skills which are a necessity in any career. These include communication, critical thinking, problem solving, analytical skills, reasoning, creativity, adaptability and innovation.

Futuristic subjects: Many schools use a variety of robotics programmes like Lego Mindstorm & EV3, VEX IQ & EDR, TETRIX and sophisticated NAO Humanoid to enhance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills of their students which will eventually help them advance in their chosen fields.

New age pedagogies and curriculums: Global perspective shapes how teachers learn to teach and make lessons more engaging and interesting. With the rise of new age materials and tools, education has become more learner centric thus sparking new teaching methodologies that have a better recall value, encourages students to learn, create room for paced learning and hone the individual skills so that students develop to the best of their potential.

A supporting hand: Global education is not just about learning concepts or theory but also about managing and navigating behavioral changes and challenges to become the best version of oneself. Recognizing this need, many schools, including Genesis Global School, good boarding school in Delhi, are now appointing an additional educator or a ‘Shadow Teacher’, especially for a particular student during school hours. Whenever there are major behavioral challenges and academic lags due to a particular disorder, and the child requires intervention all the time to manage his risky behaviour, shadow teachers are appointed. At Genesis Global School, the shadow teacher remains throughout for all kinds of support, ensuring personalized attention and care.

Global perspective in education is not just academic but it also includes a comprehensive and holistic development of a student, under its umbrella. This means that the young learners not only learn to face and deal with unpredictable challenges, but they also accept diversity and inclusion—a critical marker in any life journey—as a way of life. They are more adaptable, open and flexible and also confident of opening closed doors and create their own path.


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