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/ CBSE Boarding Schools in India With A Difference

CBSE Boarding Schools in India With A Difference

A Boarding School With A Difference

“We pledge to provide every child with individual attention, modern facilities and exposure to the Best global practices of mentoring and care. We ensure multicultural education rooted in universal values, with emphasis on personal excellence.

Each scholar will emerge from Genesis Global School as a considerate, accomplished and aware global citizen ready to assume responsibility for making the World better.”

A school that incorporates humility, exposure, academic and cultural growth with emphasis on growing an alert citizen, in their pledge; are way ahead in making education a medium of imparting academic excellence with understanding a citizen’s responsibilities. The school ideals consists of focus on internationalism, practice of democracy, care for the environment, the spirit of adventure, nurturing leadership and service to the society.

A day & residential school, secular in tradition and identity, where people of all nationalities and cultures mutually learn, live and study together. The Residence of Genesis Global School is a great hub of activity and creativity. Equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities, residences for scholars are an effort to create a comfortable home away from home. The School has separate air-conditioned residences for boys and girls, where they are given personal attention and care by experienced House Parents.

Professional Development is an integral part of school culture and we aim to be a leader in the field of Teacher Training. The Management supports the Faculty in their continuous professional and personal development while every scholar on the campus is promised respect, independence and self-trust. Genesis is keen on providing an inclusive education as well, sharpening our focus on catering to the needs of special children and assisting them to be integrated with mainstream education. A multidisciplinary team of closely involved and dedicated special educators, speech therapists and occupational therapists create meaningful and equitable access to a specific curriculum, especially designed for the specific child.

GGS also provides support to students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Our foreign scholars joining school from Korea, Thailand etc, need assistance in the English language on arrival. Sometimes the English support teacher offers these Scholars support within the Regular class while on other occasions the ESL teacher may have to run special classes for ESL scholars.

Every aspect of a student’s growth is kept in mind while laying out the curriculum’s and goals of the school. GGS has been working with various NGOs that involve scholars from all class in varied social activities. Scholars are encouraged to participate in different projects keeping in mind their age and sensibilities.

Genesis Global produces young men and women of exceptional calibre, who will always keep in mind the global context of matters. These future leaders will keep sustainability at the core of their endeavours. The world is connected and a GGS education will always prepare students for global citizenship in an increasingly interconnected world. The School’s curriculum will be purposefully aligned with globally accepted best practices which at its core will strive continuously for service to the whole human community. A GGS education is secular, relevant and continuously aligned with changes in the global economy, society & environment, while providing a pre-eminent intellectual and creative milieu to our community.

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