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Focus on Internationalism

Focus on Internationalism
Focus on Internationalism

International Exchange & Global Exposure

Student’s exchange programmess are a wonderful way to become a member of the global community that also allows scholars to have an in-depth experience of various cultures. Scholars get a chance to live with families, understand their customs and traditions. Besides being a social platform, these programmes allow our scholars to visit and review other schools, where they attend classes and also understand a different method of education. Genesis Global School is committed to the tenet of internationalism and belief of nurturing its students into enlightened beings and responsible citizens for tomorrow.

Having partner schools in several countries like Germany, France, England etc. Our school organizes exchange programmes every year. The Trips to NASA or CERN also provide that much needed global exposure.

Our objective is to accomplish the Five C’s of foreign language education.

Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities

Language is obviously a vital tool. Not only is it a means of communicating thoughts and ideas, but it forges friendships, cultural ties, and economic relationships. Not only do we all have the opportunity to learn about other cultures;  through exchange programmed we aim to instil the values of tolerance and respect in our future generations.

Skills that we enhance through internationalism:

  • It boosts brain power.
  • A person’s ability to multi-task is developed.
  • The mind becomes keener.
  • It improves decision-making ability.
  • It makes a person more flexible and open to other cultures
  • It expands career potentials.
  • It builds self-confidence.
  • Aids in self-discovery.
Date From To Visit Profile
2017 GGS Spain 6 Students and 2 Teachers attended the Football & Culinary camp at GSD Buitrago, Spain.
Turkey GGS Round Square Teacher Exchange from Turkey – Ms. Sibel
USA GGS Visit by 24 students and 5 teachers from Archbishop Mitty High School, USA
GGS China Round Square Exchange
GGS USA Round Square Exchange
UK GGS Clifton College Teacher Exchange
Germany GGS German Student and Teacher Exchange
GGS Germany Student and Teacher Exchange
2016 USA GGS Lauren Criss – Carboy on campus for a year in collaboration with AFS,Delhi
Italy GGS Francesca Giacco from the school “G. Maironi da Ponte”, for an exchange program for 10 months
Colombia GGS GAP exchange student- Enrique Sanz
Germany GGS Ms. Lisa Marie Pelkner- Teacher trainee
GGS United States Mr. Shaju Goerge escorted 7 students to Harvard MUN
GGS NASA, USA 24 students visited NASA, also attended the 3 day training at Kennedy Space Center.
GGS Germany 10 students & 2 teachers visited Schloss Neubeuern, Germany under the “LetsGO NAO” robotics project.
GGS Spain 5 students and 2 teachers attended the Football & Culinary camp at GSD Buitrago, Spain.
France GGS A delegation of 31 students and 3 teachers from LYCEE DE LA VALLE DE LOIRE , PARIS , FRANCE will visit GENESIS for 12 days
2015 GGS United States A team of 7 students represented India in VEX robotics world championship at Kentucky , USA
GGS Belgium, CERN Mr. Prateek Sharma and Ms. Deepika Bharatiya Tak escorted 22 students for 12 days to Euro space centre.
Germany GGS A delegation of 2 teachers from Schloss Neuebeurn visited Genesis to discuss the Plan of prospective BOSCH project
France GGS A delegation of 24 student+3 teachers from COLLEGE YVES KLIEN, NICE in France visited Genesis for 10 days
Germany GGS A delegation of 13 students+2 teachers from Theodor Heuss Gymansium, Aalen visited Genesis for 15 days to work on the Project Aalen and Delhi.
2014 GGS Germany Mr. Ganesh Tiwari (Physics teacher) and Mr. Pramod Sharma (Principal) went to Schloss Neubeurn, Germany to plan the Proposed BOSCH project with the School
GGS Jordan Mrs. Poonam Minhas (History teacher) went to Jordan for a Round Square conference
Australia GGS Ms. Hannah visited Genesis for one month to help the Students
GGS Germany Ms. Kavita Chhabra (German teacher) got a 21 days long scholarship to Germany by Goethe Institute, Göttingen for a seminar on teacher’s observation and new techniques of teaching.
GGS  Canada A team of 5 students represented India in FLL International Open , Canada and won first prize for team work
GGS NASA, USA A group of 17 students + 1 teacher visited to NASA, U.S.A
GGS France Ms. Neetu Sood organised a 12 days cultural exchange Program to France.

A delegation of 23 student+2 teachers from GGS  visited COLLEGE YVES KLIEN, NICE in France for 12 days

Germany GGS A delegation of 13 students+3 teachers from Montessori School, Wertingen visited Genesis for 15 days  to work on the Project “ Influence of technology on daily life”
GGS California USA A team of 3 students represented India in VEX robotics world championship , California
Germany GGS A delegation of 13 students+2 teachers from Theodor Heuss Gymansium, Aalen visited Genesis for 15 days to work on the Project Aalen and Delhi.
Germany GGS 2 students (Moritz Ameely and Johannes Bröll) visited Genesis for an internship programme in school
Korea GGS Ms. Soung visited our school for one month to understand the Indian education system
2013 GGS Germany The School organized its 15 days long formal students exchange with Montessori School, Wertingen, Germany wherein 9 students+1 teacher went to the Montessori School for a project “Ideas in the Past, now a days and for future”. The students also had a trip to the Historic city of Berlin.
GGS NASA, USA Group of 31 students + 2 teachers visited NASA
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