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Boarding Life

Daily Routine & Schedule GGS Scholar Policies


  1. Ragging/Bullying in any form is unacceptable and will assuredly be dealt with strongly.
  2. All SIR’s (Students-in-Residence) are under the over-all charge of the Head-Residences, through their respective House Parents. The House Parents are responsible for the adherence to The Daily Routine and their all-round development, Pastoral care and progress in Academics, Sport, Co-Curricular activities, manners, etiquette and discipline.
  3. All activities and movements of the students will be with the permission and under the supervision of House Parents. No SIR can exit the School without the written permission of the House Parent.
  4. No student is permitted to go out of the premises of the Residences/ Floor to visit any other Residence/ Floor without the prior permission of the respective House Parent.
  5. Visitors/ Parents are normally not allowed to visit the SIR’s in their Residences. In special cases e.g. illness, the permission of the respective House Parent must be taken.
  6. The SIR’s must be properly attired. This includes a proper haircut, clipped and clean nails, hair bands (for girls), neat and clean school uniform etc.
  7. No student is permitted to buy/sell or exchange goods or lend/borrow money.
  8. The SIR’s are expected to respect the property of the Residences and their individual rooms. Any damage to property/vandalism to property, shall be charged to the students individually/ collectively.
  9. Students must converse in English always.
  10. SIR’s feeling unwell must inform their House Parent/or report to The School Infirmary for investigation.
  11. No SIR is permitted to ask another SIR for any undue favours.
  12. Students must switch off the Lights/Fans/AC’s when the rooms are not occupied.
  13. Students need to make their beds every morning, and keep their cupboards and rooms neat and organised, always.
  14. Parents are requested to provide a basic mobile phone to their children. All 7 Day SIR’s are allowed phone calls twice a week (Wednesday & Sunday). All 5 Day SIR’s are allowed phone calls once a week (Thursday). The duration of the call will be approximately 15 minutes.
  15. There are times when the SIR’s may be busy on the phone call day due to a rehearsal, practice or any other activity. The call can be made the following day.
  16. Boarders should submit their phones and any non-permissible item within 15 minutes of their arrival to their respective House Parents.
  17. Students can use MP3’s (without screen) only on weekends.
  18. Students can bring Laptops to School. These devices are to be used as per schedule established by the Head – Residences and need to be submitted to the House Parents at 10 PM. The use of such devices is governed by The School Internet Usage policy.
  19. SIR’s can celebrate their birthdays with a cake which will be provided by The Central Dining Hall. Orders/Deliveries of cake from outside will not be entertained. The birthday cake may be ordered through a debit voucher signed by the student and handed over to the House Parent concerned. Students can distribute chocolates/toffees etc. not exceeding Rs. 20 each, for distribution in their Class. These items could also be sourced through the Tuck Shop.
  20. Parents/Guardians are advised to refrain from coming on weekdays except during an emergency, and that too after prior written intimation (via SMS/Email/approval of the Head-Residences).
  21. Parents/Guardians of 7 Day SIR’s may take their ward out of campus on the second Saturday of the month, for the weekend.
  22. Pick-up and drop facility of boarders to the airport/railway station before and after vacations is provided by the school, on pre-determined dates. A request along with a copy of ticket must be sent to the House Parent with a copy to The School Office ( at least 15 days in advance. Tickets may be booked in consultation with the respective House Parent and conform to the pick/drop schedule.
  23. The Residences are closed during Summer & Winter vacations. Kindly check the dates in the school calendar. During these holidays, all students will be required to be off campus.
  24. Possession/consumption of any type of cigarette/alcohol/narcotic substance on campus is strictly prohibited and shall be dealt with very firmly.
  25. Leave must be sanctioned before it commences. All leave applications are to be addressed to the Head – Residences and routed through the concerned House Parent.
  26. No student will be allowed to leave the campus unescorted. Students leaving the campus with relatives/drivers/friends or any other person besides the Parent/Guardian must be of legal age and have an Authority Letter duly signed by the Parent taking responsibility.
  27. The student must collect the Gate Pass from their respective House Parent only.
  28. All 5 Day SIR’s must leave the campus latest by 5.30 pm on Friday. They are not allowed to stay in the Residences over the weekend.
  29. On return from the weekend/outing, all SIR’s must report at 7.00 PM.
  30. Students are not allowed to bring non-permissible items into the School. Security personnel check the luggage of all scholars when they return, against the list of non-permissible items. All non-permissible items are returned to the Parent/Escort there and then. If they are not available, then items will be deposited with The School Office.
  31. All Passports/Credit/Debit cards, carried by SIR’s are to be handed over to The School Office, on arrival. This will be handed over to the student when they are journeying home.
  32. Overseas SIR’s must take care of the FRRO document attached to their Passports and ensure that they carry the same with them when they re-enter the country.
  33. Medicines/Preparations from home are permitted if approved by The School Doctor and accompanied by a prescription from a Registered Medical Practitioner and the Parents request in writing. These medicines will not be allowed in the Residences and will be deposited with The School Infirmary. The student will need to take these medicines in the presence of the School Nurse on duty.
  34. Students recovering from Infectious diseases will be allowed to attend School only on the approval of The School Doctor. (Parents/Guardians should not drop the student to School without seeking The School Doctors approval.)
  35. All instructions for The School Infirmary must be communicated in writing or via email/sms from the Registered email ID and Mobile phone number as provided in the Students’ records. (Any changes must therefore be updated in the School database by approaching The School Office.)
  36. Students must strictly follow the clothing list provided at the time of admission. All personal clothes must be tagged by the Parents to enable easy identification during laundry and otherwise.
  37. SIR’s will not be permitted to enter the hostel during school hours.
  38. Unless the SIR is not well and/or is on a special diet, all meals will be consumed in The Central Dining Hall.
  39. If a SIR is unwell, they are advised to visit The Infirmary immediately. The Infirmary will further inform the concerned House Parent.

In general, the SIR’s conduct must include:

(a)    Respect for self.
(b)   Integrity, honesty and dignity.
(c)    Pride in self.
(d)   Taking personal responsibility for their actions.
(e)   Taking care of personal hygiene.
(f)     Respect for other Scholars.
(g)   Respecting the authority of House Parents and other staff.
(h)   Asking before using other people’s property- ‘borrowing’ without permission is theft.(i)     Using appropriate language.
(j)     Using good manners.
(k)    Considering the impact of their actions on others.
(l)     Being tolerant of others.
(m) Respect for property and the environment.
(n)   Treating hostel and school property and facilities with respect.
(o)   Not participating in wilful damage, vandalism and theft- these are considered serious offences and will result in disciplinary action.
(p)   Protecting gardens and areas around the Residences.
(q)   Keeping the hostel living area clean and tidy.
(r)    Reporting any damage to staff.


If any of the following items are found in a SIR’s possession on campus the same will be confiscated. House Parents will give a receipt to the SIR in question.

  1. Snacks like Cakes, Chocolates, Wafers, Chips, Coffee, Tea, Milk Powder, Sugar, Soft drinks, Noodles, Home-made items etc. (Dry Fruits, Iced Tea and Tang are allowed)
  2. Camera (Only students who are members of the Photography Club can bring a Camera)
  3. External speakers (any type).
  4. Medicines without prescriptions.
  5. Head phones (Earphones are allowed).
  6. External Hard Drives.
  7. Wi-Fi devices and routers.
  8. Electric Appliances like Irons, Kettles, Food warmers etc.
  9. Hair Dryers (This is allowed for Girls and Sikh scholars.)
  10. I pod, PSP’s. (MP 3 without screen is allowed).
  11. Watches exceeding Rs 5000.
  12. Knives and or any cutting tool/device.
  13. Razors/Shavers with removeable blades (cartridge type blades permitted).
  14. Cash/Gold/Jewellery/Ornaments.
  15. Match Box/ Lighters.
  16. Aerosols/Atomisers of any type.


Note: This list will be amended/updated from time to time.

Things to be brought from Home
GGS Scholar Policies
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