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Senior School Integrated Programme

The programme is designed exclusively for students aged 14 to 16 years from MYP 4 and MYP 5. The curriculum integrates the framework of MYP with all the requirements of IB programme to provide a rigorous, broad and balanced programme that serves to build a continuum towards the Diploma Programme. Students can opt for the IB Continuum to DP after receiving the report of MYP 4 and 5 at the end of the second year or  finish grade 10 with the MYP final report with the personal project moderation by IB.

The integrated programme consist of two broad areas:

  • Core (compulsory)
  • Subject groups where there is an option of choosing the subjects based on interest


Personal project (PP)

Personal Project encourages students to reflect upon their learning and the outcomes of their work – key skills that prepare them for success in further study, university, the workplace and the community. The project provides an important opportunity for students to collaborate and pursue learning. Projects are student-centered and age-appropriate and they enable students to engage in practical explorations through a cycle of inquiry, action and reflection. Culmination of the MYP journey in grade 10 is through an extended, self-directed piece of research work. The PP is sent for external moderation leading to an additional IB qualification.

Service as action (SaA)

Service as Action is a structured learning experience that combines community service with explicit learning objectives of investigating, planning, taking action, reflecting and demonstrating. The ‘Service’ program develops and motivates the students to become aware of the needs of the local and global community. It gives students the opportunity to take what they are learning in the classroom and put it into action making a positive difference in the lives of others and the environment.

Physical and health education (PHE)

Physical & health education focuses on both learning about and learning through physical activity.  Physical sports and health education courses foster the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will contribute to a student’s balanced and healthy lifestyle. The opportunities for active learning promote the holistic nature of well-being.

Final Qualification Options

Students can opt progressing to the Diploma programme after completing Grade 10 of the integrated programme with the MYP final report.