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Why Genesis

Collaborations GSD Spain

GSD Spain
GSD Spain

Gredos San Diego (GSD) Madrid, Spain are an educational institution of secular character whose ideology fosters tolerance and freedom of ideas, instilling educational values based on respect for human dignity, promoting interest in the discovery and the study of both Science and Humanity .


Genesis Global School and Gredos San Diego S Cooperative have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the ongoing interaction of teachers and students and sharing of best practices.


The MOU will facilitate short (2-3 week) and long (12 month) student exchange programmes. It will support the GGS Spanish Language Programme and allow our teacher/ students to attain successful Spanish immersion. GSD teachers will be invited to intern at GGS and also co-operate in areas of vocational education.


This MOU was kick started with the GSD Football and Culinary camps in Buitrago near Madrid in the summer of 2016.

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