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Online School Admission Forms: A step into a seamless experience for everyone

The days of struggling with physical admission forms or stressing over inadvertent errors made while filling the form are gone. With virtual admission forms becoming a norm for all schools in the Delhi NCR region, parents and schools have stepped into a new era where admissions have become a more seamless and hassle-free experience for both sides. 

The virtual admission process not only guarantees greater efficiency but also ensures that by following certain procedures, children get the best opportunity to fulfill their educational and career goals. Additionally, it’s important to remain vigilant, ensure data privacy, and confirm that all information on the online school admission form is accurate and complete.

Every year, schools across India undergo an admission process to admit new students. Managing admissions manually will cost more on the operations budget, as schools must invest in human resources and arrange facilities. Automation of the whole admissions process could, however, improve school admissions. 

Understanding how the online admission system works 

When you choose the admission application for a school, you go through a structured, simple, and systematic process to become a part of a community of lifelong learners and achievers. At Genesis Global School, following the online admission form, you and your child are welcomed to the campus to meet a member of the school’s admission team, including the Principal/ Coordinator. Interaction with the Principal/Coordinator aims to develop a three-way partnership between the school, children, and parents, who mutually determine the best way forward for the student. 

Added to this, when you come for primary school admissions or boarding school admissions, you’ll get the opportunity of a comprehensive tour of the 30-acre residential campus, helping in your school admission journey. At Genesis Global School, you can enroll your child as a day or boarding student.

Your Checklist

Before deep diving into the virtual admission procedure, every parent must go to the respective school website and browse through all school regulations, policies, and other rules. This helps in getting a clear picture of the school’s operations and what it offers its students on not just educational parameters but also for their comprehensive development on a physical, mental, social and emotional level. Also, ensure that you have a safe and fast internet connection. 

Here’s a list of things that can be followed by the parents and the guardians of admission aspirants for a seamless admission process: 

  • ·Always bear in mind that the online forms will have different criteria in different schools though the basic information will remain the same, to a large extent. After you have accessed your chosen school’s website, go to the admission section. Thereafter, carefully read the guidelines, eligibility criteria, and any other instructions concerning the online admission form. 
  • Create a password and user id which is safe and strong. This step helps avoid any security risks that may arise.

  • Payment security should be a major priority too. For example, a secure connection, such as “https://” and a padlock symbol in the browser’s address bar, before entering any payment details is a good idea.

  • Ensure all your documents like the child’s birth certificate, address proof, academic record, passport-size photographs and other documents and information are handy, and you also have a digital copy of these to ensure a quick and effortless uploading process.

  • Read the form carefully and if possible, fill out a rough draft before adding final information to the form and uploading it. This exercise eliminates the margin of error to a great extent and ensures that you can rest easy, knowing that you have filled in the form correctly.

  • It’s a good idea to double-check every section of the online admission form and re-read your responses before submission. Also, save and review every page before you submit it.
  • Also, keep a copy of the final submitted form.

Different schools will have varying costs of admission and also transaction charges. To make an online payment successful, ensure that you have access to Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, wallet etc. to make payment online. 

Online school admission form is a relatively easy process as long as you keep a cool head and focus on everything. The digital process of admission allows schools to efficiently undertake the admission process and makes it less taxing for the students and their parents. An online admission system is a win-win situation for all associated with the admission process.

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